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The leech, corruption! Like the biblical proverb, what the ‘norm’ has fastened together, no law seems adept to lay parity. Corruption is akin to, and has gnawed the Nigerian democracy to flourish. Corruption is more than what a Yoruba would call “Egunje”. It sabotages the time-honoured rule; ultimately, some benefits would trickle in reciprocity. It dents the capacity to act, rears sycophancy, godfatherism and marginalise the struggle for democracy. Facts admitted? Then no further proof!

Using Comedy to Strengthen Nigeria’s Democracy A news-satire series modelled on “The Daily Show” aims to empower viewers. Will the joke get lost in translation?

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How free are Nigerians to choose whom they will to serve them? The question is indubitably not, how free are Nigerians to vote? Nigerians are free to vote, made obvious time and again. On the contrary, how keen we are to choose who would serve us, deferred us. Freedom to vote equals freedom to choose if and only if the vote counts. Recent elections put on view patent facts that votes don’t count. Democracy- “government by the people” eluded Nigerians. I beg your pardon, what else?

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We felt that the absence of democracy in Nigeria for over thirty three years heartened the short of answerability. We advocated for antidote, squabbling with the intention of democracy with its in-built accountability would lead to responsibility and so, high level of growth. At that time, we were of the same view with Claude Ake who posits that “Africa needs democracy not only because democracy is desirable in itself but because it will greatly facilitate development.”

Jul 26, 2013 · Wale Adebanwi and Ebenezer Obadare, ed., Democracy and Prebendalism in Nigeria: Critical Interpretations (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) …

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In Nigeria, the dividends of democracy is not producing good roads, uninterrupted power supply, security of lives and property rather, it yielded; corruption, electoral violence, and eventually poverty. Pessimism and cynicism are widespread in evaluating the Nigerian democracy and the hoi polloi are forced to ask; are we in democracy? But, why is the Nigerian democracy a vision utopian? Vision 2050:20, I guess!