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Some common flower names are: Rose, Lily, Daisy, Holly, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Blossom

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ACACIA BLOSSOM -Concealed Love; Beauty in Retirement; Chaste LoveACORN- Nordic Symbol of Life and immortalityAMBROSIA- Your Love is ReciprocatedAMARYLLIS- Pride; Pastoral PoetryANEMONE- ForsakenARBUTUS-Thee Only Do I LoveASTER- Symbol of Love: DaintinessAZALEA- Take Care of Yourself for Me; Temperance; Fragile Passion; Chinese Symbolof Womanhood BACHELOR BUTTON- Single BlessednessBEGONIA- BewareBELLS OF IRELAND- Good LuckBITTERSWEET- TruthBLUEBELL- HumilityBOUQUET OF WITHEREDFLOWERS Rejected LoveCACTUS- EnduranceCAMELLIA Admiration; Perfection; Good Luck, Gift to a ManCAMELLIA Pink - Longing for YouCAMELLIA Red - You're a Flame in My HeartCAMELLIAWhite - You're AdorableCANDY TUFT- IndifferenceCARNATION General - Fascination; Divine LoveCARNATION Pink - I'll Never Forget You CARNATION, Purple - CapriciousnessCARNATION Red - My Heart Aches for You; AdmirationCARNATION Solid Colour - YesCARNATION Striped - No; Refusal; Sorry I Can't Be with You: Wish l Could Bewith YouCARNATION White - Sweet and Lovely; Innocence; Pure Love; Woman's Good LuckGiftCARNATION Yellow - You Have Disappointed Me; RejectionCATTAIL- Peace; ProsperityCHRYSANTHEMUM General - You're A Wonderful Friend; Cheerfulness and RestCHRYSANTHEMUM Red - I LoveCHRYSANTHEMUM White - TruthCHRYSANTHEMUM Yellow - Slighted LoveCOREOPSIS- Always CheerfulCROCUS- CheerfulnessCYCLAMEN- Resignation and Good-byeDAFFODIL- Regard; Unrequited Love; You're the Only One; The Sun is Always ShiningWhen I'm with YouDAISY- Innocence; Loyal Love; I'll Never Tell; PurityDANDELION- Faithfulness; HappinessDEAD LEAVES- SadnessFERN- Magic; Fascination; Confidence and ShelterFERN Maidenhair- Secret Bond of LoveFIR- TimeFLAX- Domestic SymbolFORGET-ME-NOT-True Love; MemoriesFORSYTHIA- AnticipationGARDENIA- You're Lovely: Secret LoveGARLIC- Courage; StrengthGERANIUM-"Stupidity; FollyGLADIOLUS- Give Me a Break .

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Even flowers that are listedas Year round may not be available on any given day! Please don'texpect that any given florist has these flowers in stock.

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~Terri Guillemets

Said the other, little daisy, "I am very well content
To live simply in the meadow where the sun and rain are sent;
Where the bees all gather sweetness, and the dew falls on my head,
And the radiance of the moonlight is all around me shed.
"The grass and clover blossoms admire my beauty all day long,
As I listen to the music of a bird's delightful song..."
~Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, "Two Little Daisies" (1940s)

You can see the goldenrod, that most tenacious and pernicious and beauteous of all New England flora, bowing away from the wind like a great and silent congregation.

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