Atticus Finch only wants to be a good father as well as a lawyer.

In Harper Lee's inspirational novel To Kill A Mockingbird, one sees Atticus Finch as one

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Neither of the Finch kids ever calls their father "Dad"; he's always Atticus. Weird, right? Especially for kids in the rural South. But we get the feeling that it's their way of showing him respect, just like he shows them respect. For one thing, he doesn't dumb down his language to what he thinks is their level, but he also is willing to explain patiently whenever they have questions.

Within this novel, Lee has portrayed unintentional racial prejudice through the characters Atticus Finch, Link Deas and Scout Finch.

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For Atticus, Tom's trial means more than the fate of a single man. It even means more than a on racism in Maycomb. The case is about the fairness of the American legal system, which means it's about the fairness of American people. In his closing remarks, Atticus argues for big principles like equality and duty, but he doesn't for a moment lose sight of the fact that in the end it's human beings and their choices that make equality stand or fall—and in this case, fall.

As Atticus, the father of the protagonist faces the moral dilemma in chapter 29-30 of the incident with Bob Ewell.

write an essay showing that, despite his reputation with certain other characters, and even his children at times, Atticus Finch is uniquely skilled as a father. Write a character analysis of Atticus Finch as a teacher and a father from chapters 9-11 of To Kill a Mockingbird. In Chapter 2, Miss Caroline Fisher tells Scout, “Your father does not know how to teach.” Through much of these three chapters, however, he shows himself to be an excellent father who takes his responsibility to raise his children very seriously. Your essay will detail Atticus’s excellence and uniqueness at teaching his children. Use direct evidence (quotes) from the novel as evidence.

Scout Finch lives with her brother Jem, and their father Atticus, in the sleepy town of Maycomb during the Great Depression.

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Atticus Finch’s mission was to teach his children a life lesson about perseverance from fighting, courage, and most importantly, that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird....

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However throughout the novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Atticus Finch dares to travel ‘the road not taken,’ and has a mind of a modern man living through the Great Depression.

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It is important to Atticus Finch that he explains and that he demonstrates to his children that it is better to "fight with your own head instead of using your fists." I think this quote was very impo...

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Yes, Attics Finch and Bob Ewell represent the extreme opposites of Maycomb’s society; in their contrasting viewpoints, considerations/thoughtfulness and impressions.

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At first glance, it may seem as though Atticus Finch’s courageous acts are really acts of cowardice, however as one continues to look into his patient and passive aggressive attitude, it becomes clearer that what he is really displaying would be signs of courage.

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Atticus Finch is a character of stability in an unstable society. He is a balanced figure who is able to cope with the unreasonable and highly emotional town in which he lives. He can manage the prejudiced white masses and still deal justly with the underprivileged Neg...

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Atticus Finch is not a hero because he only had greater morals than the people of his time, he wanted to be a good role model for his children, and was only doing his job as a lawyer.