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I will return to this point)--had no way to produce the accident of spontaneity.

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Again, with overproduction the capitalist must seek foreign markets and precipitate national wars, while at home a class struggle goes on without end...[pp.456-457]Barzun apparently considers these proto-Marxist confusions and canards to be a great discovery, anticipating Marx in the year of his birth (1818).


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This still compares most favorably with the increase in the GNP during subsequent periods of strong growth, from 1961 to 1968 (Kennedy-Johnson), 38%, and from 1982 to 1989 (Reagan), 29%.

Japan grew to its daunting strength in the 1980's through the Keynesian no-no of hard work and .

Twice, in 1920 as chief of the wartime Food Relief Administration and then after he became President in 1929, Hoover wrecked the American agricultural export market by using the power of the federal government to drive up agricultural prices.

Or, for that matter, in Victorian England (just in preindustrial and mono-agricultural Ireland).

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Bill Clinton, whatever his flaws, left us with budget surpluses.Ben Stein, "A Nightmare Presidency," , April, 2014, p.49 -- the puzzling Ben Stein "loved" , who imposed wage and price controls, but consistently disparages "supply siders" (Ronald Reagan?) and praises the high taxes of the Eisenhower Administration, which used the taxes, of course, to pay off the debt from World War II, putting the money in the hands of whoever owned War Bonds.

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Anyone who wrote in that strain NOW
would bring down a storm of abuse upon himself, or more probably would
find it impossible to get his writings published.

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The ruling macro-theorists, for instance, demonstrate an annihilating contempt for the Austrian School, which focuses more on individuals than aggregates.

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He has merely caused a sharp division between
the politically conscious person who realises that this is not a time to
throw stones at the Jews, and the unconscious person whose native
antisemitism is increased by the nervous strain of the war.

In spite of every effort to prevent it, it happens everyday

has been a perceptible antisemitic strain in English literature from
Chaucer onwards, and without even getting up from this table to consult a
book I can think of passages which IF WRITTEN NOW would be stigmatised as
antisemitism, in the works of Shakespeare, Smollett, Thackeray, Bernard
Shaw, H.

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Deflation, the Economist[!] recently proclaimed, is a "pernicious threat" and "the world's biggest economic problem." Christine Lagarde [disinvited to speak at Smith College in 2014, evidently for being a capitalist, which shows us that Marxism trumps in Progressive evaluation], managing director of the Internationl Monetary Fund, called deflation an "ogre" that could "prove disastrous for the recovery"...