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The aircylinder power applies constant pressure, even when the user shiftsposition.

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A lever-operated pneumatic valve, which is connected to an aircylinder that pulls the side boards together, allows the user toself-regulate the amount of pressure applied.

If volume of air is constant and heat it, the pressure of the air increases.

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Materials - A ladder
-A basketball
-An air pressure gauge
-Tape measure
-Vernier physics app on iPod
-Air pump
-Tape Procedure -a measurement chart was placed as a background for the experiment on the wall

- lines were measured and placed on the paper with paint every 10cm or 0.010m

-the basketball's pressure was then measured with an air pressure gauge and recorded

-one person climbed the ladder with the basketball while the other held the iPod to record the experiment.

-The person standing on the ladder held the basketball at arms length and dropped it at the same recorded height each time while the other videotaped the process

-This was repeated for 9 different trials of pressure levels.

A washer’s most intense pressure setting rarely comes into play. Pressure washing demonstrates the principle that less can be more. A run-of-the-mill cleaning job might call for between 1500 and 1800 pounds per square inch (psi). This pressure level takes off spider webs, dust, and accumulated grit from air pollution, among other types of dirt. In conjunction with a cleaner, it can also eliminate fungus.

As the air pressure drops and there are sustained winds up to 38 miles per hour, it is called a tropical depression.

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Although the squeeze machine can be used for younger children, there aremany easy methods for applying deep pressure stimulation to children underthe age of 5: rolling up in gym mats, "mat sandwiches," and resting undera pile of beanbag chairs.

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Time egg suck into the bottle
place the pointing end of the egg on the opening of the bottle
Lift the egg up and carefully and carefully put the burning paper into the bottle & place the egg back on top of the bottle
A hard - boiled egg can inserted into a bottle with a narrower opening because of air pressure .

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Hurricanes have strong, counterclockwise winds (at least 74 miles per hour or 119 kph), a huge amount of rain, low air pressure, thunder and lightning.

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Hi Liz,
In an AGREE DISAGREE essay model, must you make your statement by saying ‘in my opinion, I completely agree?’
Could there be other phrase options to express this emphatically?

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After a while, the fire inside the bottle dies, causing the air inside to cool down then resulting in a lower pressure inside the bottle.
The egg inserted into the bottle because of lower pressure inside , and a greater pressure outside the bottle.
The volume of the bottle effect the pressure needed for the egg to pass through the mouth of the bottle.

Different grades of the egg required different amount of pressure to enable the egg to pass through the mouth of the bottle.
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