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This is not one of my favorite malls, mostly because whern I head to Washington, frankly I’m looking for better shopping, but I do enjoy going every once in a while becaue it’s very interesting interior architecture and they have some really odd stores that you don’t find everywhere.

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Forest City Enterprise’s recent proposal to convert the 579,000-square-foot Ballston Common Mall in Arlington County into a major mixed-use multifamily-retail project is the latest local example of a national trend that shows no signs of letting up. More and more older enclosed malls are being phased out and redeveloped into pedestrian-friendly, open-air formats that blend residential, retail and office space to attract workers, residents and shoppers.

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Business experts say the town-center concept is a way for malls to stay relevant in a retail landscape that is increasingly dominated by online sales, and where older shopping centers face competition from newer neighborhoods that mix stores, homes and parks in close proximity.

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I am a recent washingtn dc visitor in 8 th grade, first when I entered the mall I though it looked small, also not to mention the big number 2 block, once. Entered and walked around I kinds got lost. I thought it was a new mall but as from my point of view the floor was old and he cieling was just plain wierd. I would have to guess that the mall was about 40% occupied, reading the comments I was shocked to read that there were actually some good stores, like ethan ellen be others. But now there’s only the food court, target and other stores but they weren’t as big as the others. Also I couldnt help but notice that there were a lot of Mexican people (not to offend). It sort of gave me a wierd vibe….

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I live only minutes away from Springfield Mall now, but have only visited a few times. When I first moved in the area four years ago the mall seemed pretty nice, but I had just moved from the Fort Campbell, KY area here Governor’s Square Mall and the Hopkinsville Mall were the only ones around. Compared to Opry Mills Springfield wasn’t too nice after all. I just took my daughter there last week and was surprised by how empty sections of the mall were. Most of the stores on the Macy’s side are closed. I noticed The Barbershop Company moved across the mall to the occupied section.

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The mall was originally in good shape. But the surrounding demographics changed (from middle class to immigrant and heavy new Section 8 apartments), and the middle class shopper is now going elsewhere.

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Honestly, I know the demographics are a supposed issue here, but frankly, walk across the street and you have the real problem. The same problem that is going on with a lot of malls. Look at the thriving Best Buy, Home Depot, Borders, Old Navy and Staples, as well as the smaller surrounding stores. Not to mention the always busy Bertuccis and TGI Fridays. Or walk the other way to Circuit City and Barnes and Noble. I have a hard time finding a parking spot at either location during busy shopping hours. If demographics are the real issue why are places located right across the street doing great business? The fact is the big box stores that came along drove more and more business away from the mall. I know that is why I stopped going. When Target came along, what do you know, people dared to go the Target despite the fact it was part of the mall. That and the DMV location are the only times I really stop in now. It’s not because I’m afraid, it’s because the better stores are across the street. The rapid development of Kingstowne has driven even more business away. I’m sure that’s why the theater closed. Why go to the AMC with a brand new theater located 3 minutes away?