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For India also elimination of child labour is ultimately linked with economic development and growth in industrial and agricultural sectors.

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The Common Minimum Programme of the UF Government announced in June 1996 has referred to step to be taken to total elimination of child labour in all industries, in all occupations and in all forms.

Typically, they specialize child labour essay in different papers on internet

I entirely acquit Mr. Pitt of any sinister intention in thatclause of his poor bill which allows a shilling a week to everylabourer for each child he has above three. I confess, thatbefore the bill was brought into Parliament, and for some timeafter, I thought that such a regulation would be highlybeneficial; but further reflection on the subject has convincedme, that if its object be to better the condition of the poor, itis calculated to defeat the very purpose which it has in view. Ithas no tendency that I can discover to increase the produce ofthe country; and if it tend to increase the population, withoutincreasing the produce, the necessary and inevitable consequenceappears to be that the same produce must be divided among agreater number, and consequently that a day's labour willpurchase a smaller quantity of provisions, and the poor thereforein general must be more distressed.

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