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I’d like to mention just a couple more interesting things about the anatomy of the leatherback. The ends of leatherback bones contain cartilage laden with blood vessels. This is unique among sea turtles, and is thought to facilitate their rapid growth by allowing access to necessary nutrients.

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Loggerheads reach sexual maturity at 17-33 years of age. Females lay an average of 110 eggs per clutch, with usually 2-3 nests per year, although they can lay up to 7. they wait about 2 weeks between nests. Their eggs will incubate in the nest for 50-75 days, depending on how warm the sand is. Like most sea turtles, females use an alternate gait on land, meaning they move the front left flipper at the same time as the back right, and vice versa. They are documented to have high nest fidelity.

One amazing thing about the leatherback is its cardiovascular system, which includes a countercurrent heat exchange system in its limbs. This system allows the leatherback to conserve body heat so that it can live in a wide range of habitats that other sea turtles cannot. The arteries and veins of the leatherback are formed in a tight network in its flippers. Arteries are the blood vessels that flow from the heart into the limbs, and veins flow from the limbs back to the heart.