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4. The diamond industry funds warfare, genocide, and terrorism. According to , "a conflict diamond (also called a blood diamond or a war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts." Profits from conflict diamonds are used to finance warlords in Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, who use their weapons to kill and maim innocent people. Isn't that romantic?

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Although some countries do not meet the requirements for membership of the Kimberley Process, they can enter the process. In 2007, the value of the conflict diamonds was $ 10.2 million dollars.

The History Channel aired a documentary Blood Diamonds, telling a story about the business on the conflict diamonds and how governments has managed to reduce and eradicate it in American countries and how these nations were affected by these bloody wars that caused irreparable human losses and backwardness most aberrant since their independence.