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59 quotes from An Essay on Criticism: ‘To err is human, to forgive, divine.’

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An Essay on Criticism 1 Define epigram 2 Define couplet 3 How does the comparison of watches to judgments work? 4 Does Pope believe a person can be a jack-of-all-trades?

Conversely, something which is commendable but nowhere flagged as important, is the space the volume dedicates to inscribed epigram and the innovative nature of those papers. They enable a critical juxtaposition of inscribed epigram against those from papyrus and the manuscript tradition. While the volume’s division between literary and inscribed epigram seems to reinforce old assumptions about what counts as ‘literature’, individual contributors’ handling of inscribed epigrams without a whiff of value judgement is a promising step in the right direction.

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This potential lack of coherence is perhaps also due to the topics of analysis. Dialect, diction, and language are already the stock in trade of scholars working on Classical literature, and style is a nebulous enough term to allow for numerous modes of criticism. What this really amounts to is a volume which produces close-readings of epigram. In that sense it does make every word count and it is that which gives the volume value. Equally, though, those papers also excel which break from the stricter interpretation of the volume’s remit. I have already mention the philosophical style section, and in this category too is Clayman’s discussion of Callimachus 51 Pf. It is made a fuller and more interesting paper by exploring beyond dialect and addressing other topics of equal importance to the text. Some successful papers in the volume work precisely because they have a keen eye for detail while keeping another eye on the bigger picture.

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