English 1101 Sample Assignment 1

. As instructors who teach English 1101 and English 1102, we must meet the following expectations:

In English 1101 students will learn to:

In the regular, eight-week "Thur Term" of summer school, the First-year Composition Program offers English 1102E, a fully online, asynchronous course. Students in 1102E meet all the standard FYC ENGL1102 requirements while completing a series of units (or "modules"). Students work as a cohort between specified dates, but do not meet as a group during particular class times, either online or fact-to-face. The course includes a remotely proctored final essay exam that requires a nominal additional charge (currently around $30). Assignments fall due on most weekdays throughout the summer session.

Students must either place into English 1101 or pass out of the Academic Enhancement Program.

English 1101 Sample Assignment 2

For English 1101 and English 1102, individual instructors determine their own pedagogical approaches as well as the majority of the content. Some common elements—including a common textbook and clearly articulated outcomes—help to establish the consistency and identity of our Writing and Communication Program.

Lakshmi Raju (right) with Phoebe Bronstein, her instructor for ENGL 1101 and 1102.

WCP believes this broad approach to composing is vital to the success of any student at Georgia Tech. Students at Georgia Tech are expected to engage with their English 1101 and English 1102 course work on multiple levels, including activities such as participating in online forums for group discussion, contributing daily/weekly blogs designed to allow students to write about the class and the discussions in a less formal and perhaps more familiar medium, constructing class wikis that compile class knowledge and learning in a navigable format, and practicing many different kinds of writing for different audiences and purposes. Students can still create a formal belletristic essay, but their experience with writing should extend to other genres and make them more adept at electronic communication and interaction than they were before stepping into class.

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Lakshmi Raju took my 1101 and 1102 courses her freshman year at Georgia Tech. Currently, she is finishing up her junior year at Tech as an Electrical Engineering major and she is an Associate Editor for Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering at the Journal of Young Investigators. During and after our classes, we stayed in touch and then last Fall during a visit, Dr. Rebecca Burnett—the head of WCP—asked if Lakshmi would write something about what English courses at Tech meant to her. She graciously agreed and below is her response, arguing for why English courses matter so much for engineers. –PB

Getting Dialogic in English 1101

You may also incorporate additional outcomes that you anticipate for your course, providing a framework, consistent with the preceding table, for presenting outcomes that individual instructors establish for specific sections. In other words, when you choose a theme for your sections of English 1101 or English 1102, you’ll probably have goals for how students will explore and respond to issues related to your theme. You might articulate those goals in terms of outcomes. Such a table provides a shortcut for expressing your individual outcomes in a way that matches the preceding table. If you prefer to present the information from the tables in other forms, do so.

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This course is designed to develop writing skills beyond the levels of proficiency required by English 1101. It stresses critical reading and writing and incorporates several research methods; readings will be drawn from a wide variety of texts. A passing grade is "C." A prerequisite for this course is passing 1101. This course earns 3 credit hours.

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I was expecting English to be a boring class, just a requirement I had to get through to graduate. However, walking into English 1101 was a relief: it was a small room with about 25 students, which was far more reminiscent of my high school classes. Sure, the class topic, civil rights through the scope of film and TV, didn’t initially interest me that much—I am an Electrical Engineering major—but the cozy and welcoming attitude of the class made it my favorite of the day. My professor was Dr. Phoebe Bronstein and it was her first day at Tech too. She made the class interesting with her boundless enthusiasm for teaching and her passion for media and critical race theory. Her interest, bit by bit, imbued me with an everlasting interest in writing.