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The grounds of the Lord Governor's house, a banquet laid out

Stadlin's within;
She raises all your sudden ruinous storms
That shipwrack barks and tears up growing oaks,
Flies over houses and --a sweet place for't!

Witches are, , ,and it only, I think, hath made her lie so long in an imprison'dobscurity.

FERNANDO Good, be patient, sir.

You had better fortune,
As far as I see, with your strumpet sojourner,
Your little four--a-week: I ne'er knew you
Eat one all the time y'have kept her,
And is't in one night now, come up to two-cock broth?

SEBASTIANShe is my wife by contract before heavenAnd all the angels, sir.

: Silence (Q); the Sileni or wood-gods, sylvans: jack-o-lantern: mermen: a special kind of specter or phantom: also from Scot, who mentions thisincantation as a charm against the toothache: this usage recurs throughout the play, indicatingvarying degrees of discomfort or unrest: rouse, impel, drive away: and (Q) /Out of a rich man's chimney: alluding to the date of the house's construction, often placedon chimneys.

FERNANDO I do believe you;But where's the remedy now?

Question nothing;You will but lose your labour.

I, for fear
It should be made known, thus rewarded her,
Wrought you into suspicion without cause,
And at your coming, raised up Gasper suddenly,
Sent him but in before you by a falsehood,
Which to your kindled jealousy I knew
Would add enough.

'Tis not fitFor any, hardly mine own secrecy,To know what I intend.

This slave had so much daring courage in him
To act a sin would shame whole generations,
But hath not so much honest strength about him
To draw a sword in way of satisfaction.

FERNANDOThat sorrow's dangerous .

I ask but mercy, as I deal with truth now:
'Twas only my deceit, my plot and cunning
To bring disgrace upon her, by that means
To keep mine own hid, which none knew but she.

In troth, I pity him; in this time of feasting.

So did I cruelly beguile her heart,
For which I am well rewarded; so is Gasper
Who, to befriend my love, swore oaths;
He saw the last breath fly from him.

Not yet hath Play'd out her last scene?

She cast off
My company betimes tonight by tricks and sleights,
And I was well contented: I am resolv'd
There's no hate lost between us, for I know
She does not love me now but painfully,
Like one that's forc'd to smile upon a grief
To bring some purpose forward, and I'll pay her
In her own .

Go fetch her hither;I'll rid him away straight.

No doubt, sir, she fares well,
For she nev'r felt your fury: the poor sinner
That hath this seven year kept herself sound for you,
'Tis your luck to bring her into th' surgeon's hands now.

GASPERO He doth, indeed;He swore 't to me last night.

I must bestir my wits now
To catch this sister of mine, and bring her name
To some disgrace first to preserve mine own:
There's profit in that cunning.