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The debate isn't security versus privacy. It's liberty versus control.

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Proinflammatory cytokineshave been shown to induce cellular senescence [FREE RADICAL RESEARCH; Sasaki,M; 42(7):625-632 (2008) and CELL; Kuilman,T; 133(6):1019-1031 (2008)].

Ran into an amusing cartoon that explains the difference between the two concepts quite well:

I've written a bit about this at:

Furosine as a measure of glycation increased mildly with age in the control animals and this increase was significantly reduced in CRAN animals.

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One estimate indicates that the against the population the U.K. has twenty times as many cams per head as the next state... Does this make people in the U.K. any more secure? No we are seeing significant increases in crimes involving guns and knives on the streets..

FYI -- article about behavioral profiling being rolled out at airports (yay):

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Lymphocytes can be subclassified asB−lymphocytes (B−cells) or T−lymphocytes (T−cells) based on whether they maturein Bone marrow or the Thymus gland (all lymphocytes originate in bone marrow).

Please tell us what you intend to say.

Leukocytes (white blood cells), which form the basis of the immune system (along withcomplement proteins), are roughly 65% granulocytes (mostly neutrophils), 5% monocytes(which can become macrophages) and 30% lymphocytes.

Some problem do not have a technological solution, I'm afraid.

There is evidencethat histocompatability genes, genes affecting DNA repair and genes for SODproduction — all of which affect longevity — are located close together on human chromosome 6.

I dunno, Eugene Stoner came up with some pretty cool technology ...

Not only does the immune system become lesscapable of resisting infection & cancer, but declining cell function could be due to attacks by the immune system against native tissues.

That is a great article. Thanks Bruce.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND AGING According to the "immune system theory of aging", many agingeffects are due to the declining ability of the immune system to differentiate"foreign" from "self" proteins.

Might be worth a visit here to find out:

The thymus gland of the immune system reaches its greatest weightduring puberty, and shrinks thereafter, with lymphoid tissue beingreplaced by fat.

This paragraph nails it head on, great work!

Even then, however, for cases where declining receptor sensitivity rather that declininghormone release are associated with age (as with AVP), hormone replacement willnot get to the root of the problem — and can be harmful without causing cancer.