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6. You are on the town council. A law is proposed saying that there may be no discrimination in any way against homosexuals. What are the implications of this law? How will you vote? (Example: your uncle owns three apartments. He is opposed to homosexuality on religious grounds. Is it fair to make him rent the apartment to an openly gay couple?) (Is the whole setup of this question biased?)

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Even though many government and business policies have been formed to protect homosexuals against discrimination, they are still physically and emotionally abused because of how society views them. Homosexuals face the terrible effects of harassment and discrimination daily. In the future hopefully society will learn that the only difference between being straight and gay is your sexual preference, and not your mentality.

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There are many places where gay in the military work. A few countries that allow gays in their military are; France, Denmark, and Sweden. In France in order for a homosexual to be allowed in their military, they have to prove that they are psychologically normal. In the French military homosexuals are still discriminated against and viewed as weird or silly. In Denmark, military service is mandatory. Since Denmark passed the law stating that service is mandatory, there have been no cases of threats in their military. There is no ban on homosexuality in the Swedish military. Anyone who threatens or persecutes gay lesbian or bisexual in the military is “punished with fines and up to two years in jail.” (Koingsberg). Homosexual soldiers in Sweden are prohibited from forming cliques by law. In many countries, homosexuals are also discriminated in the work place.

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- in one western state: some local communities passed local laws preventing discrimination against homosexuals; state referendum & state law disallows such local laws; appeal finds state law unconstitutional; supreme court agrees the state law is unconstitutional. Illustrates: complexity; levels of laws.