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Thank you, Sebastian, for this detailed article. I’m currently looking for an engagement ring and found the following two options for a diamond through an online website.

Price fixing and output restriction were the next step to ensure that diamonds do not lose their value to the world.

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5. A diamond is - by nature - just a pretty rock. Think of the oft-quoted "rule" of diamond ring buying: the ring should cost a minimum of two month's salary (pre-tax), and you should spend as much on a ring as you can afford. Let's put this rule in its proper context: according to the people who sell pretty rocks, you're supposed to trade a full two months of your time and effort for one of their pretty rocks. Does that seem wise?

0.43 / D / 3ex / si1 (comes wid mini diamonds on d side of the ring)Or0.43/ E / 3ex / vs1 (simple ring)…Which is best…??

Marilyn Monroe said it best, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." This timeless saying makes Tiffany's & Co, Cartier, and Harry Winston very happy and helps the sale of diamonds more than Ms.

During the depression, DeBeers had made the transition of from marketing the diamond as a good to marketing it as an emotion.

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Can you give me your professional opinion on which diamond you believe is the best value for the money. Each carry the same price tag- $2,850. Both are Leo Diamonds:
1) .99 ctw- 5.05 x 5.01 x 3.99 (has original GSI & GEMEX Report, original receipt, warranty, extended service plan); Near Colorless G, Clarity of SI1 (eye clean) and Polish Symmetry: very good/good (no treatments). In person this is a beautiful stone. Not sure if it means much but this one scored off the charts for very high in all three categories (brilliance, fire, sparkle) on the GEMEX Light Performance report
2) .97 ctw- 5.57 x 5.33 x 3.98 (has copies of GSI & Gemex Report); Near Colorless I, Clarity of VS1 and Polish Symmetry: good/good (no treatments). I have not seen this stone in person but it looks good in pictures. It scored very high in 2 out of 3 categories (fire & sparkle) on the GEMEX Light Performance report.
Which one do you believe would be the better option?

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I think that it is wiser to prioritize the diamond color, BUT only after you have made sure that your gem is eye-clean! Thus, if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, I would begin by filtering for diamonds within the VS1 – SI2 clarity range and try to look out for an eye-clean stone. The money you save on clarity can then be reinvested in color – or better yet – a bigger carat size!

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I've put a lot of hours into making sure moissanite is all it's cracked up to be, and have put my own hard-earned dollars on the line in purchasing a moissanite engagement ring. The research I did took days, but I consider it time well-spent: I bought a custom-designed, extremely well-made engagement ring my fiancée loves for thousands of dollars less than what I would have paid for a diamond. If you're in the market for jewelry, you owe it to yourself to go see moissanite in person before buying a diamond.

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aI am looking for a engagement ring but am still not exactly sure what is a nice stone…. i am looking between 2-2.5 carat diamond … not sure if i should go with si1 or si2 – color d-h…. if you can recommened going with higher color or clarity…. also should it have no flouresence or strong flouresence thank you