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the lack of sufficient trust is the primary barrier to outsourcing knowledge work ...." [Rick Dove]
Here are a few trust-development questions and comments to an imaginary 'outsourcee'.
(1) Do I have to know as much as you, to 'trust sufficiently' that you know?

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Essay on Developing and Maintaining Trust at Work

A policy should include the following sections:
The purpose sets out what the policy intends to accomplish, or the goal of the policy. For example, a health and safety policy may have a purpose of ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all workers in compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation.
The scope outlines to whom the policy applies. It may apply to all staff and workers, or differentiate based on level, location, employment status, or department. If the policy also applies to volunteers, contract workers and consultants doing work on behalf of the company be sure to identify this. The scope should also identify exceptions to the policy.
The statement is the actual rule or standard the policy needs to communicate.
Outline the responsibilities of the board, management and staff in regards to the policy as well as who is responsible for developing, maintaining, monitoring and implementing the policy.
If there are consequences for not complying with the policy (e.g., disciplinary), be sure to mention this. For example, “Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary measure up to and including just cause for termination of your employment.”
Clearly define any terms used within the policy. If the terms are included in legislation that underpin the policy be sure to use the definitions from the legislation (e.g., disability, prohibited grounds, discrimination, harassment, workplace violence).
Identify the person or position employees can approach if they have questions.
Reference any other policies, documents or legislation that support the interpretation of this policy.
Effective Date
Indicate the date the policy came into effect and the date of any revisions.
Review Date
Indicate the date the policy is due to be reviewed.
Indicate who approved the policy and the date of approval (e.g., the board, the human resources policy committee, the executive director).

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Successful distance managers face significant barriers in developing and maintaining trust with direct reports. These barriers include lack of physical presence and subsequent face-to-face contact, distortions and missing information inherent in the use of technology, conflicts in time and availability and issues of power and control. This work looks at how successful distance managers establish and build trust with remote workers, exemplified by observable, critical characteristics.

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