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Mass public protest By law the house of commons could not debate an individual case until after the execution had been carried out Members of Parliament will stage a dramatic eleventh-hour battle in the House of Commons tonight in a bid to save the life of 19-year-old Derek Bentley, due to be hanged tomorrow morning for his part in the murder of a London policeman.

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A conservative government under Sir Winston Churchill 'A Victim of British Justice?' these were the words written on Derek Bentley's tombstone All four sources corroborate that MPs debated the case in order to try to convince the Home Secretary Sir David Maxwell Fyfe to reconsider his decision to not grant Bentley a reprieve.

The Derek Bentley Case has been an uneasy blight on the British legal system since the early 1950s

The Case of Craig and Bentley 1953 On Sunday the 2nd of November 1952, Derek Bentley went out with his friend, 16 year old Christopher Craig, to see if they could carry out a burglary..Craig and Bentley were on the roof as the police arrived and attempted to run but DC Fairfax quickly detained Bentley, while Craig decided to shoot his way out and fired at DC Fairfax wounding him in the shoulder.

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