This is a gradual, lifelongprocess.

The text is written by Cutler, and contains extensive quotes from the DalaiLama.

Through training we can change; we can transform ourselves."[page 43]

When you are in an intense stateof anger or hatred, even a very close friend appears to you as somehowsort of frosty, or cold, distant, and quite annoying.

The final text of the book was reviewed by the Dalai Lama's Englishinterpreter, Dr.

Chapters 8-11 discuss how to deal with pain and suffering.

Having donethis, one then sets about gradually eliminating those factors which leadto suffering and cultivating those factors which lead to happiness."[page 15]"Isn't a life based on seeking personal happiness by nature self-centered,even self indulgent?

To view more photos of love-miracles, as posted by the "prairienet/barkorganization", click .

- Beware of some charitable organizations! If you are a charitable person anda believer in the humane treatment of animals, do not contribute tocharities that, themselves, use donated money to conduct research on animals. I would like you to read at least one example ofincredibly gruesome and horrific unnecessary tests administered to animals by a popular American charitable organization(unbeknownst to their contributors), keeping in mind that this is just one example of that sort ofthing. For the complete story on the American Heart Association, as revealed by Christopher Lee, onthe PETA website, click

But Cutlerdoes add some things to the book: (1) He asks the questions that a Westernerwould ask.

Cultivatingsincere motivation decreases anxiety.

- There are countless wonderful organizations from whichyou can adopt a rescued pet. I'd like to also give you a link to the "Puppy MillRescue" organization, another fine example of a place where you will find wonderful doggies that have beenrescued from horrific puppy mills and are awaiting the chance to go to their"forever home" with a loving human - click (I chose this doggie # 11 at random; from this page you can access all othersfor adoption).When I read the success stories of the adoptions, my faith in the power of loveis once again asserted (click to read). Although, sadly, most Greyhound dogs that retire from racing aredestroyed by the greedy "inhumans" that enslaved them, there areseveral organizations dedicated to rescuing them and placing them foradoption. Here's a fine example: click . From the same website, here's a heart-warming adoption story that shows us therewards of our kindness to animals: click . For more Greyhounds for adoption (from the “Greyhound Rescue"organization website),

Part Five contains only Chapter 15.

- To find a rescued cat or kitten for adoption, here's adirectory of many sources where you will be able to find the one that is"meant for you" (directory includes rescued pure bred cats), click

"But then there's another level of spirituality.

On the other hand, if your basic outlook accepts that suffering is a naturalpart of your existence, this will undoubtedly make you more tolerant towardsthe adversities of life.

By the end of our series of meetings I hadgiven up on that idea.

- If you live in a large property in a rural area, consider giving hometo a rescued horse. Horses, like all other animals, unfortunately, arevictims of greedy and unscrupulous exploitation. There are numerousorganizations that rescue horses from abuse and neglect, including retired carriagehorses. Here's an extensive list of organizations that care for horses& horse related issues, posted by the "Kingdom Keepers"website: click "Pets Alive", a wonderful no-kill shelter and animalsanctuary where you can find all sorts of animals for adoption, is currently theonly shelter who rescues retired carriage horses in New York City.