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Cultural Studies is now facing some of its own critique from within andwithout. It began as a grass-roots movement to help empower people, asinterdisciplinary, and as a tool to ground social science in historicalcontexts (thus, Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz [1990], a semiotics scholar, can write ofthe historical situation of how Intercultural Communication was born in serviceto the American Government and its attempts at internal dominance over NativeAmericans and foreign power plays with other nations). However, some suggestthat it is losing its historical and political edge and is becoming sohigh-sounding and academic that it does nothing for the masses. Bernstein(1976) and others have leveled many critiques against CT in general. Whatcritiques do you have? How would empiricists see the value-driven natureof CT in the research process? Who is the theory allowed to critique? Couldcritical theorists become, themselves, a dominant structure in some circles? Dosome, in turn, exclude and degrade other forms of research? And if so, doesthis create the "ideal speech situation" Habermas would envision foracademic inquiry?

We offer an academically rigorous study of media and culture, covering three distinct areas: media, cultural studies and professional practice.

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For many scholars here this supposition sounds plausible. The majority of critical, progressive humanities scholarship is produced within the cultural studies disciplinary field– in our departments, journals, conferences, and other events. However, this field is not monolithic — the departments of cultural studies at Polish universities are diverse, and heterodox, particularly if you look at their programs and faculty. We have legitimate fears that the interdisciplinary character of the cultural studies will be torpedoed. However, as I emphasized above, the main problem is perhaps the negligence and carelessness of this proposition, not its explicitly political aims.

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All sessions of the 1st Regional Conference on Cordillera Material Culture Studies will be held at the Bulwagang Juan Luna, the University Auditorium of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB). No smaller, parallel sessions will be held as earlier announced.

Keywords for American Cultural Studies collects sixty-four new essays ..