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I had my speaking test yesterday.
It was awesome.
I had questions like
What kind of job do you do
Why did you chose that kind of work
What’s your opinion about backpack and handbags
Which one will you opt for
Part 2
Talk about something that made you kaugh

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It was a line graph comparing 3 different source of book ( bookshop, supermarkets and Internet ) from 2005 with a projection in 2020. Units are measured in millions.

Search the text of the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso for keywords and names.

How would you describe a hero? Is it one who fights the inevitable and hard times in order to do good for the well-being of another person or is it a person whose contributions to society are able to help someone further down the line? A hero can be many different things in many different aspects of life. In old English poetry, the hero is usually more of a fictional character with strengths unknown to man. We see this in both "Beowulf ? and "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ?. Beowulf is an ideal hero of the eighteenth century. In this time and culture, a hero would be defined as a person who is strong and courageous whereas six centuries later, a hero named Sir Gawain, is measured against a moral and Christian ideal of chivalry. While these heroes share some common characteristics, they differ in their encounters with women, the role that god plays in their quests, and their motives which drive them to fight.
There are some elements of heroism that are thought of as the universal characteristics of a hero and no matter what culture a hero emerges from, you can accurately assume that they fall somewhere in these guidelines. Even though Beowulf is viewed as an epic hero and Sir Gawain is viewed as a romantic hero, they share some common bonds. The one major thing is that they are extremely well known throughout the land. Beowulf's "fame has gone far and wide ? and he is "known everywhere ?. Sir Gawain's "honor and courtesy are highest acclaimed by lords and by ladies, by all living men ?. Both heroes act in polite and humble manner towards others, and especially towards their king. Before addressing the people at Herot, Beowulf asks the lord and master if he would graciously allow him to greet him in person and report his errand. Sir Gawain too asks for permission before fighting the Green Knight. He displays great humility towards Arthur by saying, "I am the weakest, well I know, and of wit feeblest ? and for

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Thanks ma’am for your prompt reply. May God bless you!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth (Liz). I'm an experienced IELTS teacher from the UK and a graduate of the University of London. I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in IELTS. I have taught in a number of countries: England, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, China and Vietnam, where I taught at the British Council.

I also had the exam today, and I like the topics of both tasks.

eteriorate from constant wear and pressure. Finally, the liver filters toxins from the blood less efficiently. These are not all of the changes to the body that are brought about by aging, but these are the major ones. There is hope in modern medicine, though. Through the use of new technologies and drugs some of these changes can be slowed or prevented.
SKIN -loses thickness and elasticity (wrinkles appear) -bruises more easily as blood vessels near surface weaken -Process accelerated by smoking, -excessive exposure to sun.
BRAIN/NERVOUS SYSTEM -loses some capacity for memorization and learning as cells die -becomes slower to respond to stimuli (reflexes dull) -Process accelerated by overuse of alcohol and other drugs, repeated blows to the head.
SENSES -becomes less sharp with the loss of nerve cells -Process accelerated by smoking, -repeated exposure to loud noise.
LUNGS -becomes less effective as elasticity decreases -Process accelerated by smoking, -poor air quality, insufficient exercise.
HEART -pumps less efficiently, making exercise more difficult -Process accelerated by overuse of alcohol and tobacco, poor eating habits.
CIRCULATION -worsens and blood pressure rises, as arteries harden -Process accelerated by insufficient exercise, smoking, poor eating habits.
JOINTS -lose mobility (knee, hip) and deteriorate from constant wear and pressure (disappearance of cartilage between vertebrae results in old age shrinking) -Process accelerated by injury, obesity.
MUSCLES -lose bulk and strength -Process accelerated by insufficient exercise, starvation.
LIVER -filters toxins from blood less efficiently -Process accelerated by alcohol abuse, viral infection.
There are numerous physical changes that are experienced by the elderly:
? There are numerous causes. It might be due to an infection, such as pneumonia or perhaps a urinary tract infection. It could also be due to a slight stroke or perhaps

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Otis Grant is a great boxer but more than that he is a great human being!
Otis Grant came from a middle class background being the youngest of two brothers, showed an interest in sports at a very young age. At age 15 he was playing basketball for his high-school team as a small foward and led his team to the finals, only to suffer a broken arm while falling of his bike a week before. As the final's approached Otis was on the bench eagerly watching the game. His team was down by 12 by the fourth period, Otis "Magic" Grant told his coach to give him the green light. Otis came on the court and drilled in a 3 pointer back to back. Then was fouled and plaing with intense pain, was only shooting the ball with one arm, sunk two free shots from the line. Magic saved the day as his team won by one single point.
After trying out for college basketball the couch said that his skills where not good enough.
Otis at 16 turned his attention to boxing and never looked back.
He had taken the reputation to be the best boxer in Canada, being ranked next to greats like Eric Lucas and Davey Hilton Jr.. Otis was impressive fighter with tremendous speed. He trew his combinations at will. But unlike Davey Hilton Jr, he did lack some power, but he made up with that with Being quick as a butterfly without the sting of the Bee. Otis a south paw can be compared to Pernell Whitaker in the sence of they both where boxers not sluggers. Although Pernell Whittaker was far more superior.
Otis Grant claimed the WBO championship of the world fighting as a middleweight. But lost his title three months later fighting Roy Jones Jr.. Roy out matched,Otis and poor Grant did not stand a chance against Roy who is considered the best fighter pound for pound in the world today. Six months later Grant was driving in his car, and a oncoming driver who was driving the wrong way was heading directly on. Grant was sure that there was g