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A fifth implication of such a writing system is that it is difficult to learn, and that doubtless contributed to literacy being confined to a small proportion of the population until the XXth century. Unfortunately, we do not really know difficult it is to learn because there are not good cross-linguistic measures of such things. My impression is that for a native speaker learning to read and write in Chinese takes about as much school time as learning to read and write in English (another complex writing system that is difficult to learn). We do not really know how widespread literacy was in China in various periods (although both the conventional view of the "illiterate millions" and the conventional view of China as a "literate nation" are probably misleading). And we do not know whether the difficulty of attaining literacy in Chinese may be compensated by, for example, the possibility that speed reading may be much more efficient in Chinese than in alphabetical languages. (Click for more about literacy in dynastic China.)

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Aboutness has been studied from any number of angles. Brentano made it the defining feature of the mental. Phenomenologists try to pin down the aboutness-features of particular mental states. Materialists sometimes claim to have grounded aboutness in natural regularities. Attempts have even been made, in library science and information theory, to operationalize the notion. But it has played no real role in philosophical semantics. This is surprising; sentences have aboutness-properties if anything does. is the first book to examine through a philosophical lens the role of subject matter in meaning. A long-standing tradition sees meaning as truth-conditions, to be specified by listing the scenarios in which a sentence is true. Nothing is said about the principle of selection--about what in a scenario gets it onto the list. Subject matter is the missing link here. A sentence is true because of how matters stand where its subject matter is concerned. Stephen Yablo maintains that this is not just a feature of subject matter, but its essence. One indicates what a sentence is about by mapping out logical space according to its changing ways of being true or false. The notion of content that results--directed content--is brought to bear on a range of philosophical topics, including ontology, verisimilitude, knowledge, loose talk, assertive content, and philosophical methodology. Written by one of today's leading philosophers, represents a major advance in semantics and the philosophy of language.

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Chn 342U: Chinese Vernacular Literature (pre-20th century) (4)
Conducted in English; offered every other year. Complements CHN 341 ("Service & Retreat"), a course on pre-modern elite literature, by presenting examples of the more folk-based pre-modern works.

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the improvement of the literacy of the masses) may nothave had a direct bearing on the genesis of the Chinese novel, but it too wouldhave allowed a wider audience for vernacular short stories. Another potentialinfluence notable by its absence is the influence of Western ideas. Chineseliterature remained basically free from Western influence at least until the 19thcentury [Ropp, 310], by which time the Chinese novel was well established inits own right.

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Chn 341U: Topics in Chinese Literature and Thought: "Service and Retreat" (4)
Conducted in English; offered every other year. An introduction to the world of the pre-modern Chinese elite, presented through selections from core literature of the high tradition.

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This course introduces the language of the classical period of Chinese literature, that is, the period of the late Zhou and Han dynasties. This literary language is of great importance in the study of Chinese since, up until the modern era, nearly all serious writing in Chinese was written in a form based on it. In fact, the text for this introductory course is a primer produced on the eve of the modern era which was used to teach children how to read and write in the literary language. Students, in mastering this literary language will have all of the literary history of China opened up to them. Though each age had its idiosyncrasies, and varying degrees of vernacular intrusion, the differences from age to age were minor compared to the similarities. It is also true that the modern literary language, which is based not on the classical language but more or less on the modern spoken standard, still has numerous intrusions from the older classical style. The courses are offered in sequence every other year during Fall and Winter Quarters. The class format is in the form of a readings course.