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Napoleon is obviously a plotter. He knows that he must rid the farm of Snowball, his contender. He waits for the opportune moment and then sends his guard dogs to attack his enemy. Once he is rid of Snowball, he quickly sets himself up as the dictatorial ruler of Animal Farm and begins to shower himself with special privileges. He gives himself more food than the other animals, changes the Seven Commandments to meet his own wants and needs, makes all pigs into a special, ruling class, presents himself with titles and medals, and seizes the farmhouse for his own quarters. By the end of the novel, he is even using the barley from the farm to make alcohol for his own consumption, eating off of china dishes, wearing human clothing, walking upright on his hind legs, reading the newspaper, and talking on the telephone.

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Like Major, he too is a dreamer, but with a difference. He dreams of a world of practicality and machines, symbolized by the windmill, which he believes will make life easier for all the animals. It is, in fact, the windmill, which becomes the bone of contention between him and Napoleon. In the end, Snowball is defeated by and sent into exile. Once off the farm, Napoleon makes the exiled pig his scapegoat, blaming him for all the ills on the farm.

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Snowball is one of the pre-eminent pigs who is a contender for leadership of Animal Farm. He is more vivacious, quicker in speech, and more inventive than Napoleon. He is also much more concerned about the welfare of all the animals. He proves that he is a good thinker, strategist, and planner. He not only plans the 'Battle of Cowshed' in advance, but also fights bravely during the battle and is acclaimed a hero and decorated after the victory. Unfortunately, he is not considered to have the same depth of character as Napoleon and, therefore, loses out to him.

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