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The second goal of America’s actions during the Cold War was helping the Third World.

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Ferdinand's death at the hands of the , a Serbian nationalist secret society, set in train a mindlessly mechanical series of events that culminated in the world's first global war.

In the period that ensued following the end of the Second World War, many nations were devastated.

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The causes of the cold war between United States and the Soviet Union were the mutual distrust that had taken place in World War II, intense rivalry between the two super powers, and conflicting ideologies....

However, in the interim years of the Second World War, a new form of war quite unusual ensued.

Fought to prevent the spread of communism in Korea, the Korean War was a bold political victory for the United States because America sent a clear message to the entire world, as it was the first military action of the Cold War, that the spread of communism will not be tolerated by the strongest military in the world, the United States.

A war of ideologies arose between two major powers that had emerged after the Second World War - the Soviet Union and the U.S....

The second cause of world war II was the ..

Here I'll describe the unique set of qualities of Hitler's personality, and then explain why without them Hitler, or anyone else, could not lead Germany so fast to a second war, a World War that shook the world and almost drowned it in blood.

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The Cold War started after the end of the Second World War in 1945 when the eyes of both superpowers were no longer looking at Nazi Germany, but instead at each other and the fate of the rest of the world.

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The Cold War began after the Second World War had ended, although tensions between the two new superpowers, United States and Soviet Union, had been lasting since 1917 with the start of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia....

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History experts have proposed causes why World War Two in 1939 began. Notwithstanding, we understood that World War II was the perfection of the inter war era, and the entire course of study has been strengthening up to comprehend it? World War Two started in September 1939 when Britain and France proclaimed war on Germany taking after Germany's attack of Poland. Issues emerged in some region in Germany that accomplished solid flows of revanchism after the pact of Versailles that finished up its annihilation in World War I in 1918.

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The book offers a series of essays on the root cause of the Cold War by a variety of authors, who cooperated to put in perspective the historical study of the undeclared war....

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