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The US Library of congress has a comprehensive and balanced set of articlesabout Zionism:

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I have to confess, the immediate reaction I had was that this is why progressive evangelicalism and particularly mainline Protestantism (Campolo straddled both) can be dead ends, often failing to keep the next generation. And, there is some statistical support for that reaction (at least for mainliners).

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It's not the fear, it's the 99 percent unnecessary inconvenience. This might be why the terrorists have not simply sent bombs through with the baggage. If they did that, we'd screen all the baggage, & that would take care of that. But what they are doing now throws sand into the air transportation system, and has the potential of actually shutting the system down - and driving passengers away.

I agree with this post in the context of its point of view. I also agree that there is a rational basis for an increase in wariness.

...Take histroy as guidance, then you'll also see that in Russia, the war on terror had been the downfall of all tsars in Russia.
The tsars fought terrorism, and they all lost, throwing the country into oblivion and mayhem. To my humble opinion is the only sollution that the U.S. attent other agendas then destroying terrorism, because if there is a lesson from history to be learned it is this one: You always loose a war on terrorism, simply because terrorism is the power of the weak and those deprived of justice, which will outnumber anyone.

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The Primary Cause of the Crusades

As long as professionals such as appraisers and auditors cannot operate in truly independent fashion, more disasters similar to the S&L scandal loom on the horizon. The situation has purposeful design by the corporate order. Their regulators are relatively powerless, with little obstruction to corporations doing whatever they wish, including reporting illusory or distorted profits when they need to. I have been a corporate controller for about ten years of my career and know the game. Will we continue to accept this situation, waiting for the next financial disaster to befall the public?

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We don’t acknowledge class, so there are few affirmative-action programs based on class. Not coincidentally, lower-income whites belong disproportionately to precisely those groups whom it is acceptable and even desirable, in the religion of the colleges, to demonize: conservatives, Christians, people from red states. Selective private colleges are produced by the liberal elite and reproduce it in turn. If it took an electoral catastrophe to remind this elite of the existence (and ultimately, one hopes, the humanity) of the white working class, the fact should come as no surprise. They’ve never met them, so they neither know nor care about them. In the psychic economy of the liberal elite, the white working class plays the role of the repressed. The recent presidential campaign may be understood as the return of that repressed—and the repressed, when it returns, is always monstrous.

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In regulated industries, regulator capture and the “revolving door” are two main conflicts of interest that regulators face. The revolving door is when a regulator leaves his government job and goes to work for the very companies he regulated (after a job well done?). The revolving door goes both ways, going from industry to government also, which is less open to corruption. The “revolving door” leads to corruption. In public accounting, the auditors never even go through the door once. They are on the government’s side of the door. Being hired by our clients was common and expected. There was no stigma or even ethical dilemma about it, to demonstrate how far from being a true regulator we were. I never even saw anybody that situation.