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Furthermore, Hurricane Camille in 1969 and hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused major damages in Mississippi especially in the gulf coast region....

Causes and Effects of Hurricane Katrina - GCSE …

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst hurricanes in America but far more the worst natural disaster in the country’s history, having begun as a tropical depression escalating to a tropical storm making landfall in Louisiana on August 29 at wind speeds of 201 km per hour. In the Atlantic belt, the name hurricane applies to tropical cyclones that form between April and October due to the warm waters of the ocean. In 2005, the intensity of tropical cyclone formation was higher than usual due to the temperatures being warmer than preceding years. As one of the worst hurricanes, it first had a six-meter ocean surge ascertaining the possibility of flooding the coastline when it made landfall in addition to the heavy downpour. Secondly, the propensity of the tragedy was increased by the placement of New Orleans where it is 2meters below sea level. It is surrounded by levees, both manmade and natural. The city is between the Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain where the ocean surge brought by the storm is likely to top both the two waterfronts and spill into the city. The 29th landfall in Louisiana had been preceded by a three-day evacuation where one million people had been removed from the coastline regions likely to flood. This accounted for 80 percent of the population. There were social divisions and desegregation created by the evacuations and accompanying allegations of racism in rescue efforts. The storm went further to claim 1836 casualties and 185 billion dollars worth of damage. This excluded the cost of interruptions in the transportation along Mississippi and oil pipelines in the state. Eighty percent of the city was flooded with tremendous beach erosion was a detrimental environmental effect. The rescue operations where marred by incompetency that heavily contributed to the federal and state administration’s loss of support from the residents eventually culminating in their ousting.

Many people have heard of hurricane Katrina, but not everybody knows what caused it and the affect it had on the United States.

It was this day that Hurricane Katrina came ashore and caused what was to be thought as one of the “most destructive storm in terms of economic losses” ("Hurricane Katrina —," 2007) of all times.

Hurricane Katrina caused widespread, massive destruction throughout many central Gulf Coast states including Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi....