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I know I am no good at telling witty stories, so I am left with telling a topical one. I have, as a matter of fact, long wished for an opportunity to tell this particular topical story. Its title, "Does the Twentieth Century Belong to Canada?" poses a question; its subtitle, "The Need for a National Industrial

This book provides an overview of Australian Anglican history from the late eighteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century.

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The original and rejuvenated census data, documentation and instruction manuals from the early part of the twentieth century enable researchers to examine how gender roles have evolved and changed as changes in society occurred.Derrick Thomas is a senior analyst with Social and Aboriginal Statistics Division, Statistics Canada.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Empire Club, it is my pleasant duty at this time to introduce to you the Chairman of Spar Aerospace Limited, Mr. Larry Clarke, who will address us on the subject "Does the Twentieth Century Belong to Canada?"

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An extreme example of this disregard for Human Rights takes place at the beginning of the twentieth-century, which is the excessive prejudice and preconceived notions that were held as truths against immigrants attempting to enter Canada....

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Although Sir Wilfrid Laurier at the turn of the century had more than once proclaimed his belief that the twentieth century was to be Canada's, an economic study released shortly after World War II disclosed that Canada was the least industrialized of the modern industrial nations. A recent revision of this study shows that in the intervening thirty years a number '. of countries have overtaken us in industrial capacity and that ` today Canada could be rated amongst the most highly industrialized of the less developed countries. These statistics provide a damning indictment of Canadian industrial strategy or, rather, the lack of it since 1945.