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Science fiction is not necessarily as critical of the future in a negative way


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Gibson’s cyberspace: the end of privacy and historical memory in "augmented reality" 3

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registration required}The Prisoner, ITC (Great Britain) and CBS, 1 June 1968-11 Sep 1969 (and rerun 1969) Deservedly a cult favorite, this was one of America's greatest orginal television dramas, in part because it was filmed in England, and was the brainchild of the charismatic Patrick McGoohan, who created, starred, produced, and wrote some episodes (American science fiction/opera/poet genius Thomas M.

Gays & Lesbians in Motion Pictures: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries

space station -- Perma One Creator/Writer -- Buck Henry ("Get Smart!", "Saturday Night Live")The Quatermass Experiment, BBC, 1953, 6 episodes (40 minutes each) In Great Britain, this was seen in 1953 on television as a six-part serial, but in the United States it was only seen after Hammer Films adapted the episodes and two sequel series into feature films, which were released in the US (and broadcast at obscure times) as "The Creeping Unknown", "Enemy from Space", and "Five Million Years to Earth." A brilliant cross-over between science fiction and horror, it was aimed at adults but was even more effective on children who got to see it despite the BBC warning "thought to be unsuitable for children and persons of a nervous disposition." An astronaut comes back to Earth having been unknowingly infected by an extraterrestrial life form.

Steven Spielberg: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries