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Could this essay's first half be considered an indulgence of my childhood fascination with nature? That argument could have merit, but I have always been a "big picture" kind of thinker, even as a teenager. I am writing this essay primarily to help manifest FE technology in the public sphere and help remedy the deficiencies in all previous attempts that I was part of, witnessed, heard of, or read about. The biggest problem, by far, was that those trying to bring FE technology to the public had virtually no support from the very public that they sought to help. My journey's most important lesson was that , and an egocentric humanity living in scarcity and fear is almost effortlessly manipulated by the social managers. John Q. Public is only interested in FE technology to the extent that he can immediately profit from it. Otherwise, he goes back to watching his favorite TV show. It took many years of disillusionment for that to finally become clear to me. While this essay and all of my writings are provided for free to humanity and anybody can read them, I intend to only reach a very tiny fraction of humanity with my writings, but that tiny fraction will be sufficient for my plan to succeed. The readers that I seek have a formidable task ahead of them, but nothing less is required for my approach to have any hope of bearing fruit. This essay and my other writings are intended as a course in (also called "big picture") thinking. Studying the details deeply enough to avoid misleading superficial understandings is also a key goal. I am an accountant by profession, but one of the world's leading paleobiologists surprisingly read an early draft of this essay and informed me that it was one of the best efforts that he ever saw on the journey of life on Earth. There was nobody on Earth whose opinion I would have respected more than his, so I do not think that I am asking readers of this essay's first half to humor me. Every sentient being on Earth should know the rudiments of what this essay's first half covers.

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The other major trendsetter of the period was Joan Crawford ". . . the padded-shoulder costume . . . (she wore in the 1933 release) . . . started the vogue for tailored suits that sloped upwards from the neck. By this time the big studios were co-operating with the garment trade--most of the moguls had come from that industry themselves--so that the costumes designed for the new genre of 'women's pictures' could be in the shops by the time the film was released." Douglas Gomery also reports that "Hollywood's most honored costume designer, Edith Head . . . (who worked on Hollywood movies starting in 1932) won eight Oscars and helped set fashion trends for two decades."

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Also, in 1955, actress Abigail Adams took her life with " . . . a large fatal dose of Seconal and ethynyl." In addition, actress Ona Munson, who appeared in , died that year at age 49 " . . . of an overdose of sleeping pills, leaving a suicide note behind." Willie Bioff, " . . . former Hollywood labor racketeer . . . (who was) charged with obtaining money from leading motion picture producers under threat of calling a strike of employees . . . was killed (by an explosion) as he stepped on (his pickup) . . . truck's starter at his home in Phoenix in 1955."

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