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You don’t need to give the units unless they are particular interesting or unusual. If it is just percentage, it is usually mentioned in the introduction anyway “the graph illustrates the percentage of…”

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, Rachel analyzed the for the six-year period beginning in 2004 and going through 2009 (ending March 31st). Komen’s total Net Public Support and Revenue for that period was $1.54 billion. She then calculated the total allocations to Komen’s “Program Services” for the same period. Allocations over those six years averaged the following (expressed as a percent of total Net Public Support and Revenue): Research 25%; Education 35%; Screening 11%; and Treatment 6%. The remaining 22% was used for Fundraising and Other Administrative Expenses.

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The bar chart below illustrates the spending of two countries UK and France on the five consumer goods (Cars, Computers, Books, Perfume and Cameras) in the year 2010. Unit measured here is in Pound Sterling.

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Hey Liz, I have a question of bar chart below,

A conclusion restates main points that were already given. An overview is a paragraph containing all the key points summarised for the first time.

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i have to ask about units. For example, if it is showing the percentages then how we can describe that? Is it right to describe as;
“units are given in percentages”

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Firstly I would like to thank you for guiding all of us!!! I have recently appeared for My IELTS in Sri Lanka. In writing Part 1, we had a table to describe.. The table was actually a combination of two tables one which was having information about trends in the population growth in 4 regions from 1950 to 2000. The other was the predicted population in next 50 years i.e. from year 2000 to 2050..
I was finding it difficult to judge whether I should write the whole description in past tense..Eventually I did describe the table in the past tense..I used sentences such as ‘ The predicted / expected population by the year 2050 was …. millions’ …Is it write to form such sentences or should I have described it in any other way?

You’re welcome. Also check the main writing task 1 page:

In preparation for my upcoming test I’ve been consulting your website in conjunction with ‘Road to IELTS’. The structure for Task 1 seems to be somewhat different, in that, after paraphrasing in the first paragraph, you go then go on to an ‘Overall……” paragraph which highlights the main features.

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My name is Palak and have recently registered my id with this site. I had my result today. Unfortunately I could not get 7 bands for writing as I missed by 0.5. I am thinking to reappear for test soon after some good practice. I came across this site very recently and and I am very much thankful for all great information and tutorials that can be access through this site. I was wondering would you able to review my couple of essays if I could post them to you?

Data written in brackets wil be taken in counting words

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