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Robert Menzies, prime minister of Australia, joined World War 2 beside Great Britain when the war started.

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Some of the most influential theories of Media Studies are distilled into a concise format and explained in clear, accessible language. Consideration is given not only to the intended meaning of a text but also to the question of whether audiences accepted this meaning. A detailed example is given of an APOLLO analysis of an Australian political document from World War II.

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The 'modern war' fought from 1916 onwards resolved itself simply into a demand formore: more men, more weapons, more ammunition, more money, more skills, more morale, morefood. Some of the demands were contradictory. More men meant more men for the armies andmore men for the factories. Balancing the competing demands was never easy. 'Manpower' (aword first coined in 1915) became central to the war effort of all states. The Allies werein a much stronger position than Germany. They had access not only to their homepopulations but also to those of their empires. 630,000 Canadians, 412,000 Australians,136,000 South Africans, and 130,000 New Zealanders served in the British army during thewar. Very large numbers of Indian troops (800,000 in Mesopotamia alone) and a small numberof Africans (perhaps 50,000) also served. (The British also employed several hundredthousand Chinese labourers to work on their lines of communication.) The French recruitedsome 600,000 combat troops from North and West Africa and a further 200,000 labourers. Andof course there were the Americans. American troops arrived in France at the rate of150,000 a month in 1918. Truly the new world had come in to redress the balance of theold.

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