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Art and Doctrine: Essays on Medieval Literature Hardcover – January 1, 1986.

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—. The Wycliffite Heresy: Authority and the Interpretation of Texts. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2002. [According to Ghosh, “one of the main reasons for Lollardy’s sensational resonance for its times, and for its immediate posterity, was its exposure of fundamental problems in late-medieval academic engagement with the Bible, its authority and its polemical uses. Examining Latin and English sources, Ghosh shows how the same debates over biblical hermeneutics and associated methodologies were from the 1380s onwards conducted both within and outside the traditional university framework, and how, by eliding boundaries between Latinate biblical speculation and vernacular religiosity, Lollardy changed the cultural and political positioning of both. Covering a wide range of texts–scholastic and extramural, in Latin and in English, written over half a century from Wyclif to Netter–Ghosh concludes that by the first half of the 15th century Lollardy had partly won the day. Whatever its fate as a religious movement, it had successfully changed the intellectual landscape of England.”]

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London: The Hambledon Press, 1986

Fisher, John H. “Wyclif, Langland, Gower, and the Pearl-Poet on the Subject of Aristocracy.” Studies in Medieval Literature in Honor of Professor Albert Croll Baugh. Ed. MacEdward Leach. Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1961. 139-157.

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Fleming, John V. “Chaucer and Erasmus on the Pilgrimage to Canterbury.” The Popular Literature of Medieval England. Ed. Thomas J. Heffernan. Tennessee Studies in Literature 28. Knoxville: Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1985. 148-166.

Art And Doctrine - Essays On Medieval Literature by Woolf, Rosemary & O'Donoghue, Heather [editor]

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—. Documentary Culture and the Making of English Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2003. [This book argues that documentary culture (including charters, testaments, patents and seals) enabled writers to think in new ways about the conditions of textual production in late Medieval England. Steiner explains that the distinctive rhetoric, material form, and ritual performance of legal documents offered writers of Chaucer’s generation and the generation succeeding him a model of literary practice. The study covers a wide variety of medieval texts including sermons and trial records, Piers Plowman, Mum and the Sothsegger, devotional lyrics, Guillaume de Deguileville’s pilgrimage trilogy, and TheBook of Margery Kempe.]

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Scanlon, Larry. Narrative, Authority, and Power: The Medieval Exemplum and the Chaucerian Tradition. Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature 20. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994.

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—. John Wyclif: Scriptural Logic, Real Presence, and the Parameters of Orthodoxy. Milwuakee: Marquette University Press, 2003. [This study offers an appraisal of John Wyclif’s theology within the context of some larger medieval developments of scholasticism, none of which can be isolated from one another. Levy focuses upon Wyclif’s eucharistic theology and its intersection with his understanding of Scripture. In so doing, Levy identifies two central points about Wyclif: his sense of commitment to the larger continuum of Catholic tradition, and his placement of Christ, the Incarnate Word, at the heart of that tradition. Scripture, for Wyclif, is ultimately identified with the Eternal Word, and proper devotion to the Eucharist is reverence for the Word Made Flesh who instituted this sacrament. At the center of Wyclif’s theology there is always a Living Person.]

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Dove, Mary. The First English Bible: The Text and Context of the Wycliffite Versions. Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature 66. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.”