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Moreover, the Children in immigrants’ camps are frequently exposed to hostility and fighting. They have been denied their basic rights such as, the right to security, education, shelter, food, and clothing. Lastly, Syrian refugee humanitarian crisis accounts for massive violation of human rights. Obviously, right to life has been seriously violated with the reports indicating 200,000 deaths, and many injured (European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection 1).

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Firstly, insecurity has seen to the death of civilians from car bombing, missile attacks as well as stray shots. Secondly, since the outset of Syrian crisis, it is reported that over 200,000 people have been killed and about a million people have been injured (European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection 1).

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Thirdly, reports points out that a massive number of the Syrians have been compelled to leave their homes. Maria Galucci reported that by 2013, at least 4 million Syrians had fled the country (4).In the same line; Syrian Humanitarian crisis has continually affected the health conditions of the refugees. Many people have been wounded in the crisis while others have suffered amputations. This scenario is coupled with other concerns such as poor hygiene, inadequate food supply, inadequate medical supplies and lack of clean water. (European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection 2).

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Every attempt that was put in place to resolve the crisis in Syria continually failed. Eventually, a civil war broke out and it was characterized by killings and consequential displacement of people. Continued acceleration of the disaster saw to the realization of overwhelming problems for Syrian people. Consequently, there was a rise in the number of refugees resulting into a humanitarian crisis. It is noted that since the crisis began, as many as 220,000 people had lost their lives by January 2015. A massive number of the civilian was internally displaced while others run to the neighboring countries in search of safety (European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection 1).

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