I'd like everyone to take a deep breath and listen for a minute.

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And we're doing exactly what the terrorists want.

Just as you say, 99% of Americans seem to think the terrorists' goals are to harm us. What they really seek is to change our way of life, remove our freedoms. Our government is more than willing to oblige the panicked populace that freely give up civil liberties in order to feel "safe". "Hey, I don't do anything wrong...what is wrong with the government monitoring my emails and phone calls?".

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A number of people have claimed that this was a deliberate policy of "educating terorists". I have no evidence one way or the other but it might well be a sensible stratagie to follow (it has also been said that Bill Clinton followed a similar philosphy).

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We need to stop giving the terrorist so much attention for their crimes and their potental threat to us. We also should stop spending so much money trying to prevent terrorist acts. We can stop everything, and how can we be certain that Homeland Security and the TSA have stopped actual terrorist attacks that would have killed many people? True, many so-called plots have been thawrted, but making grandma strip and looking at your library records seems to me to be a little nutty. We have to protect ourselves and money has to be spent on that, but I think we have gone too far overboard; almost to a panic mindset. And that was exactly what the terrorist wanted!

I fear the latter self is right.

It's not just -1hour vs +1death.

So the first thing we'll do, is march calmly up to the Frankenstein
castle and have a nice little chat
with our good doctor. Now then!
Who doesn't have a torch and a dog?
All right -- follow me!

"The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself."

Now see here! Before we go running about, killing people, we'd better make damned sure of our facts.
A riot is an ugly thing... and once you get one started -- there's little chance of stopping it short of bloodshed.

Even road deaths in the US for 2002 was over 40 000.

With these changes and inconveniences in the way we live nowadays because of terrorism, the terrorist probably think that they have the upper hand because they have at least partially accomplished what they set out to do and that was to make people scared to get on airplanes or go to areas where many people gather, to always have them and their tactics in the back of our minds, to engage America in wars in the Middle East, and to force the United Sates and other countries spend billions and billons of dollars trying to fight or even stop terrorism. This is what happened to the Soviets in Afghanistan. The terrorist are using this as a model against the U.S.

I reckon it'll be a long slog though

The article made a lot of good points. One of the truest is that terrorism done to cause terror. That is why it is the horrible violence is called terrorism. I don't know how many people today are still frightened about what happened on 9/11 in New York and Pennsylvania or are still too afraid to get aboard an airplane, but we, the public, are constantly reminded by politicians and the media of what happened that horrible day. The perpetrators of 9/11 have got to be extremely proud of themselves for what they accomplished on that day, and for the panic that not only hit the United States, but the Western world altogether. Six years later and it is still a big topic of discussion. Supposedly, we are safer today and more ready for an attack or an attempted attack. Even if that is true,(and it can be up for debate), we have paid a great price by less privacy, more government intrusion, going through torute at the airport, a big change with what's important in our lives, and, some would argue, a erosion of civil liberties.

Next you'll be telling us Noam Chomsky was behind the WTC attacks.

Everything in this article is right. But let's do the next step. Terrorism is not a movement or kind of ideology, it is simply a method or tactics of war. We (US) are not fighting the war with terrorism, but with some forces that use terrorism is a weapon. Normally terror is used by the weak party of the conflict. Let's try to uncover who is this party is, what do they want and whom(or what) do they consider their enemy. Interesting to note that nobody took responsibility for 9/11, we still have circumstantial evidence that it was Bin Laden and Co. Normal terrorists like Hamas are proud to claim their responsibility for such act, sometimes there are few organizations that make false statements about their involvment, but it's not the case in 9/11.
Before we answer these questions we have no chance to win any war - in Iraq, Afganistan, etc. simply because we don't know (or afraid ) to tell whom we are fighting. To tell that we fighting Terrorism is the same stupidity as to claim that in the WWII US and allies were fighting german tanks and cannons. At that time they used these weapons.
Another point is that terror works only against liberal or so-called democratic regimes. This only because such regimes are unable to use adequate tactics. History knows many examples of succesful eradication of terrorism by counterterror: Germans successfully
fought partisans during WWII, but measures were pretty dirty. Few years ago Chechen rebels seized Soviet cruise ship in Istanbul and made some demands to the russian government. Turks at that moment were inclined to help russians, thus, they arrested few dozens of family members of the chechen terrorists and promptly put them in jail. Next day the ship and all tourists were free. Eventually terrorists had a sufficient imagination or maybe experience of the conditions in turkish prisons.
So let's talk about what do they want and who are they.