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 The essays here are taken from the edition featuring theirlast revision.

The inside track on Washington politics.

STDCheck offers scholarships throughout the year to college students who are HIV-positive. Applicants must submit official transcripts and an essay explaining how living with HIV has impacted their lives. Scholarship applications are reviewed every month. Students must also provide proof of their HIV status from a physician. Scholarship amounts vary between $250 - $5,000.

Set in 2012, the mystery about a missing child depicts a family, full of promise, turning to rot.

The inside track on Washington politics.

Oklahoma's Promise will pay qualifying students' tuition at an Oklahoma public two-year college or four-year university. It will also cover at least a portion of tuition at an Oklahoma accredited private college or university or for courses offered at public technology centers that qualify for credit from an Oklahoma public two-year college.

Looking for more? Here's a list of additional scholarships with June deadlines. Learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply through the links provided below.

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Niche is a website that helps you discover the schools and neighborhoods that are right for you. They analyze dozens of public data sets and millions of reviews to produce comprehensive rankings, report cards, and profiles for every K-12 school, college, and neighborhood in the U.S. This scholarship is available to all high school seniors in the class of 2017. No essay is required!

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Note that the Paramount VHS releases did not follow the original broadcast order (instead they follow original production order); the shows are listed in broadcast order below.

The inside track on Washington politics.

In the list below, first the umbrella title is given, then initial broadcast date and production order, a list of sketches in the show (numbered by their order of appearance), along with synopses for each sketch, character information, and music sources (incomplete for some episodes).

The inside track on Washington politics.

Academics Integrity Marksmanship (AIM) is the official youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association. If you are an active member of this organization, you can apply for various scholarships focused on academics, integrity, marksmanship and journalism. Each scholarship application outlines the required events necessary to apply.

The inside track on Washington politics.

Each episode was given an umbrella title by Creative Associates for easier identification, and those umbrella titles are used for the video releases and in various television listings. The sketches in each episode also have titles, but the umbrella title is almost never among them. The Paramount videos each feature a title card for each show, with the umbrella title and listing all the sketches - these title cards were not part of the original broadcasts.

The inside track on Washington politics.

An important note: sometimes broadcasters, such as the Disney Channel, mixed both the prime-time specials listed above and the Saturday morning shows together under the heading when they were showing "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show," but in this list it refers only to the Saturday morning shows.