Animals like humans have feelings and suffer ..

animals do have feelings and sentiments just like ..

treated like this because animals have rights, just like humans

Although I have used the term "programmed", to reduce cats to little more than pre-programmed machines with a finite set of available reactions would be wrong. Those who deny that cats, or other animals, are entirely lacking in feelings do this to justify their own treatment of animals rather than through any true understanding of those animals. Rather than attribute full human feelings to cats, it is better to understand how cats perceive the world and to adjust our behaviour to accommodate their physical emotional needs as best we can.

Animals have feelings just like humans animals like giraffes elephants rhinos and gorillas ..

Animals Have Souls and Feelings, Just Like We ..

Tom’s attachment to this elephant, Jenny, opens his eyes to the quagmire of human motivation that gives rise to the unjust world they live in. Like many other stories, the presence of an animal as a key character offers a compelling stand-in for those members of society who don’t have power and metaphorically can’t speak for themselves. Sometimes, they become tales of a sympathetic human finding his own voice to represent those who literally cannot.

Animals have feelings just like us humans and yes they are capable of feeling pain just like we do

i am only 12 and i think animal abuse and neglection is wrong. animals should have rights just like people do! what have they done to get abused and neglected???? not only that, some are being abused as we speak…. we have to do something to help them! if we dont, this could turn out bad…… just because u THINK animals dont have feelings doesnt mean the dont… animals feel pain…. happieness….joy…sadness… and so much more! they have rights!!!!! would u like to be abused for no reason? not given enough food and water just because your owner doesnt care???? no, i didnt think so…. :'(

They have feelings and emotions just like humans

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Because consciousness is assumed to be private or subjective, it isoften taken to be beyond the reach of objective scientific methods(e.g., Nagel 1974). This claim might be taken in either of twoways. On the one hand it might be taken to bear on the possibility ofanswering the Distribution Question, i.e., to reject the possibilityof knowledge that a member of another taxonomic group (e.g., a bat)has conscious states. On the other hand it might be taken to bear onthe possibility of answering the Phenomenological Question, i.e., toreject the possibility of knowledge of the phenomenological details ofthe mental states of a member of another taxonomic group. Thedifference between believing with justification that a bat isconscious and knowing what it is like to be a bat isimportant because, at best, the privacy of conscious experiencesupports a negative conclusion only about the latter. To support anegative conclusion about the former, one must also assume thatconsciousness has absolutely no measurable effects on behavior, i.e.,one must accept .But if one rejects epiphenomenalism and maintains that consciousnessdoes have effects on behavior then a strategy of inference to the bestexplanation may be used to support its attribution. Moreover, ifparticular conscious states have particular effects on behavior, thenthis strategy might be pursued to elucidate some specific features ofthe conscious experience of other animals, even if some aspects mustremain out of reach because of our inability, as humans, to fullygrasp what it would be like to experience them. More will be saidabout this in the next section.

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Many researchers' scepticism is fuelled by their professional aversion to anthropomorphism, but others have a more sinister motive. Those who deny animals any feelings at all may do so in order to justify animal experiments which others consider inhumane. This denial of animal emotions allows them to conduct experiments with little regard for their subjects' physical or mental wellbeing. The denial of animal emotions is their own hidden agenda rather than a conclusion based on study of behaviour.

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I think that animals deserve rights because just because we are humans and we can talk to each other and we have emotions and feeling that others can understand, does not mean we can just treat all the other animals like they are just pieces of dirt. I mean, what do we know. Maybe they have advanced speech and can communicate with each other more than we think. Maybe they have elaborate feelings and emotions. Why do they say with their owners? Because they have some mental attachment with them. Who knows, maybe they love us. Animals should be treated the same way that other humans are treated and they do not deserve to be beaten or abused or unloved. GO ANIMAL RIGHTS!