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This essay has been written to explore the metaphor behind the surrealist film Un Chien Andalou

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Theonly magazines actually to use 'cunt' in their titles, except for thefictional "Cunt On Cunt" (Brett Easton Ellis, 1991) and "SKI CUNT: The Magazine for Cunts who Ski" (, 2013), are theunderground comics (Rory Hayes, 1969) and (19--), Cheyanne Payne's zine (written pseudonymously as Star Whore in 1994), Amanda's zine ("Talking about cunts is a vitalizing experience, and it's hard not to talk aboutcunts after being so immersed in cunt culture", 2003), Rachel Pepper's zine (1991), Charlotte Sykes and Georgia Luscombe's zine (a pun on the magazine , 2013), Danny Boyle's zine (1990), and several hard-core zines: (19--), (19--), and (Sverre Helmer Kristensen, 1994). The magazine 's title was chosen for its visual similarity to 'CUNT'. is known by its own editor, Eric James, as "mancunt" (2002). magazine is named after 'kutt' - the Dutch term for 'cunt' - and there is also a magazine called , its title etymologically linked to 'cunt'.

Un chien andalou film analysis essay

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As discussed previously with reference to the trial, simple tallies of swear words do not recognise the importance ofcontext, though Lamacq has suggested that Radio 1 has a swear wordhierarchy in which "one c[unt] is as bad as five f[uck]s" (2000). Inhis guide to English grammar, ,Michael Swan classifies swear words with a star-rating system: "aone-star word will not upset many people, while a four- or five-starword may be very shocking" (1980); 'cunt' is the only word given fivestars. The British Board of Film Classification has a similarhierarchy, classifying swear words in ascending order as 'very mild'('damn'), 'mild' ('bastard'), 'moderate' ('prick'), 'strong' ('fuck'),and 'coarse' ('cunt'). Television regulators also have a linguistichierarchy: 'cunt' "tops the watchdog Broadcasting StandardsCommission's list of most offensive words" (Tara Conlan, 2002).

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Even evaluating the success or failure of reclamation is problematic. By what criteria can it be judged? If 'cunt' is reclaimed by some women though not others, is this a success? If all women use it in a positive way, has it been fully reclaimed? Or does reclamation also require positive male usage? Two distinct groups can be identified: the in-group and the out-group. Geoffrey Hughes (2006) demonstrates a "double standard in currency" in his discussion of "insiders and outsiders", citing a religious example: "Jews will refer to themselves as yids, [...] but are offended if an outsider were to take such a liberty".

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