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Anabolic steroids are used by athletes to bulk up and improve their performance....

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Sadly, many from junior high to professional athletes have bought in to the mirage of seemingly risk-free success offered by anabolic steroids and other all too easily acquired performance enhancing drugs....

Bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids to improve their performance.

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As the amount of performance enhancing steroids increases in professional sports, many athletes are gaining an unfair advantage over their competition....

Side effects of anabolic steroids in men are infertility, breast development, baldness, shortness, liver cancer, AIDS, etc.

The beneficiaries of performance-enhancing drug use exist at every level of the sports industry.” She believes that without steroids and performance enhancing drugs sales would be lower because sports would be less interesting. For example, in baseball Schmidt argues that “there would be far fewer home runs,” when actually there would most likely be the same amount of homeruns because the pitches would also be slower and easier to hit. Also the athletes might be smaller and slower, but they would not seem that way because every single athlete would be smaller and slower. This would make all the athletes appear the same in competition, but only look different in person.

However ones psychological state, genetic mishaps, or even performance pressures from the coaching staff, can lead an athlete to steroids.

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Another reason why steroids should be prohibited in sports is because the
side effects and health consequences can be extremely detrimental.
Not only do steroids and performance enhancing drugs affect health, but
behavior is also altered. In
physiological terms, liver damage and heart failure may occur which can cause
tumors, infection of vital organs, stroke, and even death if these drugs are
abused. Once an athlete has used
some type of steroid or performance enhancing drugs, the chances are high for
that athlete to continue using hypertrophic drugs.
In psychological terms, the side effects can lead to depression, violent
and criminal behavior, and also increased aggressiveness which is known as “Roid
Rage.” Studies
show that the International Olympic Committee, NCAA, and many professional
sports leagues have banned the use of steroids by athletes, both because of
their potential side effects and because they give the user an unfair
(Office of Diversion

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Before the mid 1970’s the use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) was used mainly by highly trained athletes especially those involved in weight training....

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Medically, there are harmful effects of doping that are still not well understood.” Some steroids can cause many fatal diseases such as different kinds of cancers and heart disorders. On a smaller scale steroids can also cause a sudden mood change which is where we get the term “roid rage”. If we allowed athletes to dope in sports then many athletes could eventually develop a life threatening disease because that is what everyone in the sport did. If we continue to try and stop doping in sports then these diseases become less likely to occur in professional athletes. Also if we got rid of illegal drugs in sports we could use the labor and money of the people figuring the effects of these performance-enhancing to work on larger projects such as cures for cancers and heart diseases.

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Anabolic steroids are a group of synthetic hormones that promote the storage of proteins and the growth of tissue, sometimes used by athletes to increase muscle size and strength.