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 My rule? Don't base your diet on the pronunciation skills of an eight-year-old.

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First of all, as Swami Sivananda argues, "Health is wealth.... If you do notpossess good health you cannot prosper in any walk of life" (Yogic Home Exercises).As we can see from the factors listed under Physical Health and Mental Health, yoga doesaffect our ability to deal with the problems in our businesses and professions. Manyfactors affecting our day-to-day and long-range; capacities for achieving business andprofessional goals may be influenced by yogic endeavors. One can hardly calculate results,but still can easily sense the significance of improved health for business success.

Other studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of yoga for patients withrespiratory problems.

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Our concern is not yet with raja yoga and its mysteries. Let us first concentrate on strength, health, and lithencss of body. Much of this will be of direct help in raja yoga.

Organ donation is the act of giving your organs to an ill patient after your passing.

An article that appeared in the San Francisco Examiner of October 13, 1959 shows thatthe weight reduction potential of yoga was recognized in the USA more than quarter of acentury ago.

Masturbation is a Threat to Life. Learn how to Quit it and Become the New You.

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How did I do it? I described the methods in my first article. It is yoga and meditation. Making a decision is a first serious step, but then it comes to applicable daily techniques that will help you on your way. Just talking about it won’t help. You need to literally mold the new you. And you can do it, without any medication, or shrinks. We live in an age, where every type of information is available. It is an act of ignorance to not take an advantage of that.

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Patanjli, at the end of the concludes that the practice of yoga frees a yogi from the aims of life and the qualities of nature so that he can reach the final destination--kaiv or moksa.

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This is Hari's business. She takes innocuous ingredients and makes you afraid of them by pulling them out of context (Michelle Francl, in a review of Hari's book for Slate, expertly demonstrates the shallowness of this gimmick). This is how Hari demonized the harmless yet hard-to-pronounce azodicarbonamide, or as she deemed it, the "yoga mat chemical," which is yes, found in yoga mats and also in bread, specifically Subway sandwich bread, a discovery Hari bombastically trumpeted on her website. However, as the science-minded among us understand, a substance can be used for more than one thing perfectly safely, and it doesn't mean that your bread is made of a yoga mat if it happens to contain azodicarbonamide, which is FDA-approved as a dough-softening agent. It simply means your bread is composed of chemicals, much like everything else you eat.

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Health begets happiness and inspires one to further one's knowledge of the world and of the Self. Health means perfect harmony in our respiratory, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, nervous and genito-excretory systems, and peace of mind. Hatha yoga practices are designed to bring about such harmony.

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Human beings aresubject to afflictions of three types: physical, mental and spiritual and Afflictions arising through self-abuse and self-inflictions are adhyatmika. Physical and organic diseases are caused by an imbalance of the elements in the body (earth, water, fire, air and ether) which disturbs its correct functioning. These are called adhibhautika diseases. Misfortunes such as snake bites and scorpion stings are also classified as adhibhautika. Genetic and allergic disease or diseases arising from one's past deeds are known as adhidaivika. The practice of hatha yoga will help to overcome all three types of affliction.