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The complacency of Machiavelli in the face of it is not, as Berlin thinks, because he has adopted a system of value where there is nothing really wrong or bad about deception, betrayal, and murder; but because Machiavelli understands that resolve will be necessary and doubt may be fatal in the stateman who pauses to consider and to be undone by moral qualms when action and speed are essential (e.g.

It is the dignity and intrinsic value of rational beings, as, to paraphrase Pericles, the , that imposes the moral obligation.

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Presently, only little attention is paid to the moral values; there is no common criteria, no strict orientation, except moral differentiation of acts and positions for good and bad, righteous and wicked.

Morality and religion maintain separate spheres, separate categories of value, and distinct purposes.

In the rationalist tradition, the conflict within the breast of theperson between the requirements of morality and self-interest iscanonically a conflict between the person’s reason and herpassions. Shaftesbury’s identification of a moral sentiment inthe nature of humanity renders this a conflict within sensibilityitself, a conflict between different sentiments, between aself-interested sentiment and an unegoistic sentiment. Though bothShaftesbury and Hutcheson, no less than Clarke, oppose Hobbes’segoism, it is nonetheless true that the doctrine of moral sensibilitysoftens moral demands, so to speak. Doing what is morally right ormorally good is intrinsically bound up with a distinctive kind ofpleasure on their accounts. It is significant that both Shaftesburyand Hutcheson, the two founders of modern moral sense theory,articulate their ethical theory in conjunction with an aesthetictheory. Arguably the pleasure we feel in the apprehension of somethingbeautiful is disinterested pleasure. Our susceptibility toaesthetic pleasure can be taken to reveal that we apprehend andrespond to objective (or, anyway, universal) values, not only ornecessarily on the basis of reason, but through our naturalsensibility instead. Thus, aesthetics, as Shaftesbury and Hutchesonindependently develop an account of it, gives encouragement to theirdoctrines of moral sensibility. But an account of moral virtue, unlikeaesthetics, requires an account of moral motivation. As notedabove, both Shaftesbury and Hutcheson want to do justice to the ideathat proper moral motivation is not the pursuit of pleasure, evendisinterested pleasure, but rather an immediate response to theperception of moral value. The problem of giving a satisfying accountof moral motivation is a difficult one for empiricist moralphilosophers in the Enlightenment.

everything is a moral issue, with no boundary between moral and non-moral value, and its indeterminacy.

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The asymmetry between egoistic and altruistic moral aestheticism, that one is a fallacy and the other isn't, is due to the circumstance that morality limits the pursuit of self-interest and posits respect for others. The removal of moral constraint in aestheticism thus would be motivated for the self, which can then gain through wrong, but would not be motivated for others, who were protected from wrongful loss.

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When anthropologists like Richard Shweder and Alan Fiske survey moral concerns across the globe, they find that a few themes keep popping up from amid the diversity. People everywhere, at least in some circumstances and with certain other folks in mind, think it’s bad to harm others and good to help them. They have a sense of fairness: that one should reciprocate favors, reward benefactors and punish cheaters. They value loyalty to a group, sharing and solidarity among its members and conformity to its norms. They believe that it is right to defer to legitimate authorities and to respect people with high status. And they exalt purity, cleanliness and sanctity while loathing defilement, contamination and carnality.

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The ranking and placement of moral spheres also divides the cultures of liberals and conservatives in the United States. Many bones of contention, like homosexuality, atheism and one-parent families from the right, or racial imbalances, sweatshops and executive pay from the left, reflect different weightings of the spheres. In a large Web survey, Haidt found that liberals put a lopsided moral weight on harm and fairness while playing down group loyalty, authority and purity. Conservatives instead place a moderately high weight on all five. It’s not surprising that each side thinks it is driven by lofty ethical values and that the other side is base and unprincipled.

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This is no joke. Last month a British woman teaching in a private school in Sudan allowed her class to name a teddy bear after the most popular boy in the class, who bore the name of the founder of Islam. She was jailed for blasphemy and threatened with a public flogging, while a mob outside the prison demanded her death. To the protesters, the woman’s life clearly had less value than maximizing the dignity of their religion, and their judgment on whether it is right to divert the hypothetical trolley would have differed from ours. Whatever grammar guides people’s moral judgments can’t be all universal. Anyone who stayed awake through Anthropology 101 can offer many other examples.