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Summary: This essay examines the effects and current situation of the AIDS/HIV crisis in Africa

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Implicit within this is the effect that HIV/AIDS is having upon peace-keeping operations ( Tripodi and Patel 2002 ). Many armed forces with high HIV prevalence rates also regularly contribute to international peace-keeping operations aimed at mitigating and containing the outbreak of armed conflicts. In addition, peacekeeping forces are at increased risk of becoming infected by being deployed in areas of high prevalence. This is particularly so in Africa where three-quarters of the police officers and soldiers under UN command are stationed ( International Crisis Group 2004 ). According to senior officers in the French army’s health services, tours of duty overseas multiply the risk of HIV infection for French military personnel by a factor of five. Among Nigeria’s military forces returning from peace-keeping duties in Sierra Leone and Liberia, HIV infection rates were 11 per cent compared with the national adult rate of 5 per cent. ( UNAIDS 1998a : 5). The effect is that peace-keepers act as vectors of HIV, spreading the virus among population in areas of deployment and back in their country of residence. As a result, HIV/AIDS has additional regional and international strategic ramifications by hindering international attempts to respond to conflict by threatening peace-keeping operations as countries become less able or willing to contribute personnel ( Elbe 2003 : 39). However, some military forces are responding to the threat in a progressive manner, such as prevention programmes being run by the Ugandan military ( ICG 2004 ). The UN General Assembly has also recognized the problem and in September 2003 launched a global initiative on ‘Engaging Uniformed Services in the Fight against HIV/AIDS’ in partnership with UNAIDS, UN’s Department of Peace-keeping Operations (DPKO), and national governments ( ).

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The impact upon the disease at the governance level is less understood and requires more study, but it is assumed to erode the capacity to govern. Weak political leadership over HIV/AIDS would inevitably exacerbate the situation. Tensions could also emerge if one group felt itself disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS and/or marginalized from care and treatment. For example, in Uganda in the mid-1990s the Defence Minister is alleged to have suggested that one of the most likely potential triggers for a coup was the perception among the military that the government was not doing enough to combat HIV/AIDS ( Elbe 2003 : 50). Ruling groups have in the past been willing to manipulate health and nutritional supplies to damage the support base of political opponents. According to one specialist, ‘the uneven distribution of essential HIV treatment based on social, ethnic, or political criteria could well put unmanageable pressures on social and political structures, threatening the stability of regimes throughout Southern Africa’ ( Cheek 2001 ). The prominence of HIV/AIDS as a campaign electoral campaign issue is also increasingly likely, as apparent in the general election in Malawi in May 2004 ( ).

Aids crisis in africa essay

GSK had to determine how to address the AIDS crisis in Africa while maintaining business viability in developing countries in the midst of all the pressures.

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