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The plain and simple truth about conflict is that it has both good and bad effects. The type of conflict and its management determines a positive or negative outcome. If not properly managed, conflict can be destructive and ruin employee relationships. Unmanaged conflict can create bad feelings in people who experience it as well as those who merely observe it (Royer).

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The importance of managing conflict is evident. Reducing the negative effects and increasing the positive impacts is critical in a balanced workplace. Leaders must skirt the fine line of reducing conflict and allow conflict to foster good results. Clearly, leadership must manage some conflict to reduce its impact while allowing some conflict to remain unmanaged in order to increase overall results.

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All managers and executives at some time have had to deal with conflict. The way that each one handles discord is a determining factor of success. Initially, he or she must communicate to gain a clear understanding of what is actually causing the conflict. Rebecca Hastings explains the need for communication in the workplace in “Conflict Management Contributes to Communication.” Hastings states that most conflicts stem from poor communication in which one party misinterprets the words or actions of another party. She notes that communication problems are particularly exaggerated when departments are competing for resources or when they have unique subcultures.

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In addition to taking a personal toll on employees, conflict also has adverse effects on the workplace. Consider these benefits of managed conflict compared to the damage resulting from “out of control” conflict:

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The first step is to examine the employee’s attendance record and establish whether there is a trend or pattern of absenteeism. For example, absence usually occurs before and after weekends and public holidays, after paydays or on a particular day of the week.

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Contrary to the common belief that conflict is limited to a disruptive effect, a number of researchers acknowledge substantial benefits. In fact, conflict can be a driving force of change. When managed correctly, conflict produces the following results: new ideas for changing organizations, solving of continuous problems, a chance for workers to expand their capabilities, and the introduction of creativity into thoughts about organizational problems (Bowditch & Buono). With that said, managers and supervisors must realize the importance of allowing constructive conflict. At the same time, management must swiftly and effectively confront conflict that is detrimental to the organization.

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In addition to understanding the causes of conflict, managers need to understand its effects. The effects of conflict in the workplace are often wide reaching and consuming. Further, they can

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It is important to manage conflict, especially in the workplace. Doctor Tony Fiore, a certified anger management trainer and licensed psychologist, said, “The effects of conflict in the workplace are widespread and costly. Its prevalence, as indicated in three serious studies, shows that 24-60% of management time and energy is spent dealing with anger. This leads to decreased productivity, increased stress among employees, hampered performance, high turnover rate, absenteeism at its worst, violence, and death” (Fiore).