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Followers of Buddha celebrate his birthday each year (generally in May).

But what were early Jewish practices?

My father has hemophilia so you cracked me wide open when I reached that part. We have all suffered alongside him…and I would not change one single day of my life with him. Thank you for your beautifully honest writing

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This response to disability is so pronounced in our culture that Princeton ethicist Peter Singer can still keep his job when he argues that children born with disabilities can ethically be killed before a certain age. Even babies with hemophilia. Why? Because, he says, they suffer and cause suffering: [T]he total amount of happiness will be greater if the disabled infant is killed.

The first century Jewish historian Josephus noted that Jewish families did not celebrate birthdays:

As a human, I found this deeply moving. As a writer, I found it clever and remarkably expressive. And as a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, I found it touching. Thank you.

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Abruptly, her tone changed. “Cut the cord!” she barked.

There are many reasons to get married beyond having children, and plenty of married couples choose to have a happy, fulfilling and child-free life.

“Cut it now!” the midwife commanded.

No, D., I’m not being judgemental. God knows, I would never judge anyone else’s reproductive choices; as the mother of a deliberately only child, I know what judgement is. I’m just curious. I thought that most people (not all, mind you) marry to have children. I’m just wondering; no negative feelings or judgements.

My baby is developing normally and is healthy and strong.

Seems like an unnecessarily invasive (and kind of judgmental) question to ask someone you don’t know. Not all married people want babies. And some unmarried people do; the two things don’t automatically go together. Besides, she doesn’t say that she had a hard time convincing him. Maybe it was just a matter of telling him she thought the time was right.

Ingrown Toenail: Worry and guilt about your right to move forward.

I’m married and child-free and couldn’t have a more fulfilling marriage. Many people marry because of they are in love, and not everyone’s purpose in life is to have kids. We’re all unique.

You will not, however, find an entry for chromosomal deletions.

I really needed to hear this today. I’ve been struggling with my son’s issues these past weeks and have been feeling hopeless, lost, and confused. I have a ways to go before I can sort my feelings and thoughts out, but reading this has helped me get started. Thank You.

The doctor suspected a syndrome of some kind. She ordered blood work.

Beautiful piece. I’m an internet aggression researcher, and I see the same thing embedded in the language that people use to shame one another – fear of mortality, of suffering, projected onto others for momentary relief. It sounds as if Ms. Hay has made a great deal of money codifying what is essentially a defense mechanism that we would hope to outgrow as we age.