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Apply your strengths! and learn tips for requesting recommendations.

But I really could not watch them sink again. It is just too emotional for me. I have already come up with two or three ways to have saved the souls that were lost.

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But now I have to back up some or you won't understand what I felt.

These thoughts ran through my mind on the day before Christmas. That day we drove down to Seoul and attended a Mass with Cardinal Spellman who was visiting the troops. On the way back, our jeep driver reminded us, as if we needed any reminding, that this might be a long night, a deadly night. It was about midnight when someone tapped me on the shoulder. “Wake up, Sarge,” said one of the guards, “Better come out here. There are noises just beyond the minefield.”

The process of requesting letters of recommendation has some unwritten rules and expectations:

Each one had their sirens on full force as they went about as fast as they could. You could only see them as they raced up Laurel Avenue past Devon, past Chestnut, past Argyle right to Kearny Avenue. They then turned left and sped over the railroad tracks bridge, past Midland Avenue, past Oakwood Avenue, all the way to Bergen Avenue. Then left on Bergen and just a couple of blocks to the hospital.

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Most colleges will have an application form to complete online. You will be asked to attach your essay and other information to the application. Your guidance department will submit your transcripts, so it is critical that you allow enough time for the guidance department to submit your transcripts before the due date of your application. Make sure to have a family member or friend review your application to make sure all sections are completed. It is easy to miss or skip a section. Applications must be fully completed to be accepted.

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Some students elect to briefly disclose (reveal) their disability in a positive way, especially when it has taught them an important skill or value, such as to be creative or “think outside of the box.” You should carefully consider this decision, and talk with your guidance counselor or teacher about including this information. If you decide to talk about your disability, remember to keep it positive and brief, and focus on your strengths and what you can do. Keep in mind that nowhere on the college application will there be questions about having a disability, so unless you tell them, the college will not know. Also, having a disability is not factored into your application review.

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Share drafts of your essay with an English teacher or guidance counselor for input. Remember: if you are sending the same essay to a number of colleges, make sure you use the correct college name in the essay. This mistake is common and made by all students applying for college, so remember to proofread your work!

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Tonight is Sunday evening, the first day of daylight savings time. My wife is in bed sleeping now, but what I am relating was what I felt earlier this evening. We were watching together, me on the floor and Peg on the couch. She never made it to the end but I was wide awake.

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Getting letters of recommendation requires some thought. It is best to ask adults who know you well and with whom you have had a positive experience to write a letter of recommendation. It can be someone from your school (i.e., a teacher, a guidance counselor, a sports coach or a teacher who oversees an after school club). Or it could be adults who you know well that are in your community (i.e., a neighbor you have assisted, an employer or a scout leader). You need to make sure that individuals writing a letter of recommendation know if you want them to include in their letter that you have a disability. Again, this decision is a personal one and if you decide that information about your disability can be included, the information needs to help demonstrate what you have accomplished.