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The Foundation awards one annual Suzanne Ledin Memorial Lectureship in collaboration with the California Blood Bank Society (CBBS). This award recognizes an individual who is actively involved in education, training, research and/or practice of a scientific nature pertaining to transfusion medicine and blood banking. The recipient of this yearly award, selected independently by the , presents the Suzanne Ledin Memorial Lecture at the CBBS Annual Meeting. The Foundation provides an honorarium and reimburses the lecturer’s travel and lodging expenses.

Candidates for our women's scholarship must meet the following criteria

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An essay on Sept. 16 about literature curriculums in American universities referred incorrectly to “Things Fall Apart,” a 1958 novel about Nigeria by Chinua Achebe. It is set around the turn of the 20th century, during the early period of British colonization, not in “postcolonial” times

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Students age 17 years or older who plan to start a program of higher education within the next 12 months or who are currently enrolled in a program of higher education. Applicants may be full- or part-time students and attend a campus-based or online program. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

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Camille Beredjick, Northwestern University

In high school, Katie challenged herself academically by taking Advanced Placement courses in History, Government and Calculus to prepare herself for the rigors of a collegiate workload. Despite the heavy coursework, Katie found a way to give back to her school community and peers around her. She participated in the Spanish club for two years, Family Career Community Leaders of America for three years, the Model General Assembly in her senior year and Fellowship of Christian Athletes in her senior year.

Daryl Lipsun, University of California, Riverside

In 2005, Katie became the first recipient of the Virginia Smiles College Scholarship. She participated in the Blue Ridge Community College transfer program to later attend James Madison University, earning a Bachelors Degree in Social Work.

Danielle Jacobs, San Francisco State University

Katie's altruistic spirit was evident in all that she did. It was apparent in the love and support she provided her family and friends. It was seen in the way she worked with her patients and colleagues at Western State Hospital.

Martinus Evans , University of Connecticut

Unfortunately, due to a funding shortfall this scholarship is not available this year, however if our fiscal position improves we may reinstate it next year.

Sarah Moran, Chesapeake College

2017: No award
2016: Curtis Bishop George Mason University
2015: Kulie Nabers. Asbury University
2014: David Rieth. University of Mary Washington
2012: Sam Rosen, Bowling Green state University
2011: John Mahaney, Shenandoah University
2010: No award
2009: Josh Duncan, Virginia Community College Transfer Program

John McAuliff, University of Richmond

The roles of women as family caretakers and members of the workforce have started to even out. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women, when compared to men, spend more time on caring for children/household members and housework, while also working nearly as many hours at their jobs - about a one hour difference.